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YourBeer iPhone App

Did you know there’s other beer apps besides Untappd and TapHunter? YourBeer just turned 2.0, and it aims to solve a problem for all craft beer drinkers.

These days, with all of the choices in craft beer, deciding on what beer to buy/order can sometimes be an overwhelming task. Luckily YourBeer is here to ease the decision making process.

How YourBeer Works

YourBeer app is a progressive quiz that tells you what beer to order or buy.

Open the app, and it asks a series of 5 lifestyle questions at random, along the lines of: favorite sports, food, or countries you’d like to visit, etc. Based on your answers, YourBeer pops the result up on the screen — “You should order a Porter.”

Based on our experience, YourBeer app is most useful for craft beer drinkers in these 3 scenarios:

  1. Just getting into craft beer? Let this app broaden your horizons by telling you what to order. No better way to build your palate than trying everything at random.
  2. At the bottle shop. Unless its a new release, avid craft beer drinkers have probably drank most of the beer in their local store. Don’t stand in the aisle like a deer in the headlights, let YourBeer make a style suggestion for you.
  3. The same applies in a bar. Too many choices, or maybe you have sampled everything already? Not sure what to order on draft? YourBeer eliminates the indecisiveness.

Additional YourBeer App Features

  • Additional quiz questions added
  • Food pairing recommendations by style
  • Directory listing of breweries is underway
  • The Perfect Beer (extended quiz costs $1)

You can download YourBeer from the App Store: YourBeer by Kevin Panitch

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