• Mikkeller SD Raspberry Blush - Berliner Weiss with raspberries and coffee

    Mikkeller Raspberry Blush

    What’s the biggest sign that a brewery’s special release was a huge hit? It gets turned into a core beer within several months time, which is exactly what happened with Mikkeller Raspberry Blush.

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  • Allagash Brewing Company - Hoppy Table Beer Dry Hopped Belgian-style Ale

    Allagash Hoppy Table Beer

    It turns out this Hoppy Table Beer is Allagash’s newest year round offering, and we were immediately interested with “hoppy” being in the name. What is a table beer exactly?

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  • Mike Hess Brewing - 4:59 Little IPA

    Mike Hess 4:59 Little IPA

    We wanted to review 4:59 Little IPA for two reasons. Not only did it mark the debut of Mike Hess Brewing’s new 12 ounce cans, but it’s also a new beer to join their core lineup — now expanded to 7 beers.

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  • Highland Park Brewery - Good Green

    Highland Park Good Green

    Highland Park Brewery is brewing some of the best hop forward offerings in California, especially their West Coast style beers like this aptly named Good Green.

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  • Burgeon Beer Co is Putting Down New Roots with Canned Releases

    Burgeon Beer Co is Putting Down New Roots with Limited Can Releases

    Burgeon Beer Co’s first run of pint cans will be available this Saturday, and we had a chance to sit down with them beforehand to get the scoop on this release and future plans in packaged beer.

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