BRU-V: Saving Beer, One Glass at a Time

Bru-V Beer Glasses

It’s no secret that prolonged exposure to sunlight makes beer turn not-so-fresh. But did you know that the taste altering chemical reaction caused by the hops in your beer being exposed to the suns’ UV rays occurs almost immediately?

Scary, huh? Luckily BRU-V is here to help.

BRU-V is a Kickstarter funded glassware company on a crusade against skunky beer. They have designed special glassware with UV ray fighting technology, and their mission is simple:

This product was borne out of necessity while working on the floor of a local craft brewery. As more attention is placed on the quality of our beers, so must the glass and the experience around it.

Storing or drinking beer in amber/brown glass is the only way to guarantee a photochemical reaction does not occur in natural sunlight. BRU-V Protected glasses block those dreaded UV rays, acting like sunglasses for your beer, when drinking outside.

With their BRU-V Protected glasses, beer enthusiasts will be able to enjoy better tasting and fresher beer, right out of the glass.

You can learn more at, or shop for BRU-V beer glasses in their store.

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