Pizza Port May The Port Be With You

Pizza Port May the Port Be with You

Brewed by: Pizza Port Brewing Company

Beer Classification and Specs

  • Style: Porter
  • Variation: Imperial (Double)
  • Limited: Yes
  • ABV: 8.0%
  • IBU: N/A

Notes: Exclusively on tap at Pizza Port locations.

Brewer’s Notes and Ingredients

Brewer’s notes unavailable. But the tagline is “A rebel alliance strong Porter.”

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First Impressions

Artwork: No label, but Pizza Port always makes their own hand drawn or printed signage for their on tap menu. They went with Yoda and Obi-wan holding their light sabers.

Color: Pure jet black, like Darth Vader’s cape.

Aroma: Hints of dark chocolate and tobacco. Sorry, no good Star Wars related analogy for aroma, but this would serve nicely in the cantina on Mos Eisley.

The Tasting

Arrived in: Draft

Served in: Pint glass

This was my second Pizza Port Star Wars themed beer. Maybe they classified it an “Imperial” for another Star Wars reference — get it?

But no, the ABV is 8% plus, so it’s a legitimate double Porter.

This was one of the first Imperial Porters I have gotten my hands on in a long time. So I was really looking forward to it for that reason, and not just for the opportunity to put another Star Wars beer under my belt.

May the Port Be With You was billed as “A rebel alliance strong Porter.” And the force was definitely strong with this one.

Many porters are darker in color, but not in flavor and/or heavier consistency. I guess what I mean is some porters can be a watery beer with a shadowy hue, so it gets labeled a porter based on tone.

Well, I expect more out of a porter (whether double or single), and this ale definitely delivered the qualities I like to see out of that style. May the Port Be With You was just like a stout — pitch black color, malty, and dark roast flavor.

My pint had a thin, tan layer of finely bubbled up head that barely coated the liquid line. Consistency wise, it wasn’t as syrupy as you would expect, based on its jet black color. It was pretty creamy, almost like it was served on nitro.

As for the flavor, May the Port Be With You maintained a balance in the force — between bakers chocolate, and deep roasted coffee. In the finish, I also got a hint of black licorice.

Sadly May the Port Be With You is not bottled, but the good news is Pizza Port brews it a couple times a year to serve on tap. It seems like April and August are the months to find it.

Final Score: 5/5


Well crafted, gooey porters are hard to come by, and May the Port Be With You delivered a “force” of dark roasted goodness. Actually, this beer might be better than the force…

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