California Craft Brewers Association 2014 Economic Impact Report

California Craft Brewers Association 2014 Economic Impact

The California Craft Brewers Association (CCBA) recently released their “2014 Economic Impact” report. Their figures point to everything we already know — craft beer is booming, especially in the state of California.

According to CCBA, “Last year was by far the strongest upward trend we’ve seen, an amazing year for craft brewing in California.” Actually, they attribute a 24% growth rate on the industry in the state.

These are the main takeaways from their data, and infographic you can enlarge below. During 2014, craft beer in California:

  • Contributed more than $6.5 billion to the economy
  • Created more than 48,000 jobs
  • Brewed 3.4 million barrels of beer
  • Exported 1.3 million barrels

Another page on their website offers some additional California beer stats also worth noting:

  • There are currently an additional 240 breweries in planning
  • California has 12 of the top 50 largest craft breweries by volume in the country

So this got us thinking, where does San Diego fit in all of this?

“As of March 2015 there were 554 operating breweries in California, more than any other state in the nation.”

If you take those numbers, the San Diego area (San Diego proper and North County) account for almost 20% of that total. 100-110 breweries / 554 = 18-20%.

With pretty much a fifth of production in the most densely populated brewery state, how is San Diego not the official craft beer capital of the United States?

You can read CCBA’s full report at: California Craft Beer: 2014 Economic Impact – California Craft Beer California Craft Beer

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