Taiwan has long been compared as a culinary haven, a popular tourist destination that draws visitors from all over the world. It is no accident that Taiwan is considered by tourists to be a “food paradise,” since the local cuisine is a fusion that captures the spirit of Chinese cuisine. Making meals with intriguing titles like “Buddha climbs over the wall,” meatballs, or sun cakes using the local cuisine.

Huaxi Street Night Market

Huaxi Street Night Market

Taiwan’s first night market for foreign tourists is on Huaxi Street in the Wan Hua neighborhood, which is situated between Guizhou Street and Guangzhou Street. In addition to offering a wide range of goods, Huaxi Street Night Market is also known for its mouthwatering selection of authentic Taiwanese street cuisine. A typical night market with a variety of delectable foods, including oyster fried eggs, oyster noodles, milkfish porridge, fried meatballs, and more, can be found in a neighboring Guangzhou street. Additionally, “Cay Co alley” on Tay Suong street, where a variety of herbal teas are sold, is well-known.

The phrase “Hoa Tay night market” alludes to a meal known by the oddly creative moniker Buddha Jumps Over the Wall. When visiting Hoa Tay night market, you must absolutely try this delicacy. The Hokkien people’s signature meal, Buddha Jumps the Wall, tops the list of Taiwanese delicacies, and its cost is without a doubt prohibitively expensive.

Abalone, fish fins, ginseng, and a plethora of auxiliary substances and spices are the major elements used to make Buddha leap up on the wall. These ingredients are prepared in a highly refined and delicate manner. According to a myth surrounding this rare meal, an unidentified high priest traveled to Fujian more than 1,300 years ago, during the Tang Dynasty, to spread the Buddha’s teachings. The restaurant next to the temple where the high monk lived frequently released a weird perfume that made it impossible for him to resist temptation. As a result, the high monk leapt over the wall to eat the cuisine and disobeyed the law. transgress the rules. Later, same dish was dubbed “Buddha Jumps the Wall.”

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Address : Lam Giang Street (Lin Chiang), Dai An area (Ta An), from Thong Hoa Street to Keelung Street.

Din Tai Fung, Taipei

Din Tai Fung, Taipei

The Din Tai Fung restaurant chain must be mentioned while discussing the well-known eateries in Taipei. Thanks to the dumplings, notably Tieu Lung bao (Xiao Long Bao), Din Tai Fung is not only well-known in Taiwan but also in many other nations across the world, including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and others. Din Tai Fung was named one of the top 10 restaurants in the world by the New York Times in 1993.

The distinctive Chinese architecture and red hue of the restaurant make it stand out. Din Tai Fung’s kitchen has a small layer of glass through which you can watch each step of the preparation of the dim sum, which is an intriguing feature. The chefs’ ability to rapidly knead the dough, roll it out, prepare the filling, and painstakingly form each small steamed bun fascinated me. In order to create the tastiest and most attractive goods, chefs work here with the same level of professionalism, attention, and care as craftsmen.

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Anyone visiting Din Tai Fung should be sure to stay to sample the Tieu Lung Bao (Soup Dumplings), which are soup-filled dumplings enclosed in a little bamboo cage and covered in a cake crust. Be cautious not to burn your mouth when eating because the broth and filling are still hot. Use your chopsticks to pick up the little dumpling and place it on a spoon. When you poke a small hole in the dumpling with your chopsticks, the hot soup inside will melt. You can taste the soft, chewy flavor of the crust, the sweetness of the broth mixed with the hot shrimp and beef inside, and a little bit of fiery chili if you try to pick up some ginger slices to put on the cake.

Price : An average of about 10 USD

Address : 1st floor of the famous 101-story tower: Taipei 101

Lan Jia Gua bao, Taipei

Lan Jia Gua bao, Taipei

When you get the chance to take a trip of Taiwan, you will undoubtedly be advised to try some of the country’s delectable cuisine, including gua bao. Gua bao’s dough is quite similar to Chinese dumplings, but it also resembles the dough of hamburgers from the West. A Gua bao cake has a pleasing milky white hue, is extremely soft, and has a distinctive scent. It consists of a piece of beef sandwiched between two pieces of steamed dough.

You don’t need to worry about where the greatest Gua bao store in Taiwan is because we will tell you right away that it is Lan Jia Gua in Taipei. This is one of the stores that sells gua bao, which are renowned for their excellent caliber, delectable taste, and attractive appearance of a hamburger from Doai.

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Address : No. 3 Lane 8/316/3, Luosifu Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei

Opening hours : 11 am to 12 pm (Tuesday – Sunday), Monday off.

Lin Dong Fang, Taipei

Lin Dong Fang, Taipei

One may say that Lin Dong Fang is a perfect location to experience the distinctive flavor of well-known beef noodles. With a more than 30-year history in Taiwan, Lin Dong Fang is a reputable eatery. According to CNN, this is the greatest location in Taiwan to buy beef noodles.

Noodles, square-cut beef, and the house-made broth are all that is required to make beef noodles. A bowl of beef noodles is thought to be excellent based on the flavor of the broth. The broth at Lin Dong Fang is said to be extremely tasty since the proprietor meticulously produced it from stewed beef and cattle bones with the use of a secret ingredient, according to numerous guests who have savored their beef noodles. in classical Chinese medical practice.

Address : Lin Dong Fang, 274 Bade Road, Section 2, Jhongshan District, Taipei

James Kitchen, Taipei

James Kitchen, Taipei

If you visit the James Kitchen restaurant, you may eat the Taiwanese island’s most well-known milkfish dish. This milkfish is so well-known in Taiwan that there is a museum dedicated to it in Anping and a festival celebrating milkfish culture there. So it would be a major oversight to skip eating milkfish dishes when visiting Taiwan. Diners may choose from a variety of unusual milkfish meals, such as milkfish porridge, milkfish ball soup, fried or roasted milkfish.

Address : James Kitchen, 65 Yongkang St., Da’an District.

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