Vodka is regarded as an alcoholic distilled drink that had its beginnings in Russia or Sweden centuries ago. It has grown to be one of the most widely consumed spirits worldwide, particularly at gatherings. Vodka may be consumed alone or blended with nearly any beverage of your choosing. It has a clear body and no flavor or odor. These pristine streams of the highlands or the shattered diamonds are used to filter this pure wine. Like any other alcoholic beverage, there are some incredibly pricey vodka bottles in the world that cost millions of dollars. A Pint Of Hopiness will reveal the most costly vodka bottles available right now.

Billionaire Vodka 2015 – $7.25 million

Billionaire Vodka 2015 – $7.25 million

The Diamond edition range of Billionaire Vodka, which was introduced in 2015, is a replica of the 2012 version. It is the most expensive vodka in the world at $7.25 million. This version is filtered with diamonds and is from 2015. There are 2,000 gold-plated diamonds on the Billionaire Vodka, The Diamond Edition Line bottle. It’s a high-end product from Leon Verres’, which also stocks a number of lesser-priced bottles.

Deep black fake fur is used to cover the Billionaire Vodka, Diamond Edition Series to give it a commanding appearance. It is an 18-liter bottle that is filled with vodka that was made using a unique Russian formula. At least the bottle is 18 liters in capacity! A 0.7-liter bottle is also available, but it is still too pricey for the average consumer. It’s not simply the bottle that makes it so pricey, like other items on this list. You won’t find a smoother vodka than this one. Despite its exorbitant price tag, the Diamond Edition, which is a part of a limited edition series, is still out of stock.

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The Eye of the Dragon Vodka – 5.5 million USD

The Eye of the Dragon Vodka

An organization with Dutch roots that makes premium vodka in Hong Kong is called Royal Dragon Vodka. The Eye of the Dragon, one of its most costly vodkas, costs $5.5 million. It took 8 months of diligent labor on the part of the vodka firm and Scarselli Diamonds New York to finish this item. This hand-blown bottle of Royal Dragon Imperial Vodka contains 50 carats of deep yellow round diamonds valued at US$4.65 million and is housed in a 2 kilogram 18-karat casing.

One of the most expensive bottles of vodka in the world is The Eye of the Dragon. The Eye of the Dragon is a masterpiece in and of itself since it has a stunning dragon covered in a 16,000-carat diamond necklace worth millions. It made its debut in October 2017 and is a representation of the brand’s greatness and perfection.

Billionaire Vodka 2012 – $3.7 million

Billionaire Vodka 2012 – $3.7 million

The Leo Verres Luxury Group’s Billionaire Vodka contains five liters of the finest, purest vodka, which costs $3.7 million. According to a Russian recipe, vodka is created by distilling entire wheat and crystal-clear water (filtered many times). The secret formula for this vodka, however, even depicts water running through jewels worth millions of dollars because standard filtering is insufficient for it. 3,000 genuine diamonds. Verres, a supporter of PETA and an animal rights activist, chose white fake fur over genuine fur for the bottle.

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The natural springs that feed England’s Carverswall Castle provide the liquid for triple-distilled Billionaire. Every taste of your premium vodka reveals the purity of this water, which is revered for its therapeutic qualities. The brand also claims that the water used in The Billionaire passes over broken diamonds worth millions of dollars. Only a few shops and restaurants throughout the world sell The Billionaire. In addition, Leon Verres intends to release more affordable varieties, including 0.5 liters of diamond-filtered wine that will be sold in exquisite, deep-purple bottles adorned with Swarovski crystals.

Russo-Baltique Vodka (new version) – $1.3 million

Russo-Baltique Vodka (new version) – $1.3 million

Russo-Baltique, a Russian automaker, has introduced a new vodka bottle with a different look but the same brand name, Russian Imperial Eagle. The product was displayed at the Grimaldi Forum and is called Russo-Baltique Vodka. The vodka bottle is a means for the business to commemorate its 100th birthday. The first bottle was handed to Prince Albert of Monaco and later made an appearance in the third season of the hit television show House of Cards.

Vodka Russo-Baltique is one of the priciest vodkas in the world, costing $1.35 million. The jar is a stunning and distinctive object since it is built entirely of unbreakable, shatterproof glass. Radiator guards from old Russo-Baltique automobiles were used to make the bottle. Even though it was empty when it was taken, the bottle made a scene and was subsequently found. The bottle was once more refilled, and this time the price was to remain the same.

DIVA Premium Vodka – $1 million

DIVA Premium Vodka

One of the most expensive vodka bottles in the world, DIVA Premium Vodka is thought to be worth over $1 million. You may use the jar as a decoration because it is so attractive on its own. A beautiful bottle costs only US$3,700 at first, but this exceptional bottle will save you $1 million; the cost of this wine is not minimal.

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Due to its smooth, premium flavor, DIVA Premium Vodka is frequently referred to as premium British vodka. To eliminate contaminants and obtain a rich flavor, it is triple filtered via spring water stones, birch charcoal, and lastly sand composed of valuable stones. For the greatest flavor, vodka is produced from the finest winter wheat. Each bottle contains precious stones that you may utilize after drinking all of the vodka, including peridot, pink tourmaline, amethyst, and Smoak topaz.

Russian-Baltic Vodka – 740.000 USD

Russian-Baltic Vodka – 740.000 USD

A well-known automaker in the 1900s, Russo-Baltique later made a foray into the world of high-end vodka. Its products are intended for the wealthy and affluent elite who like real vodka and don’t care about credit cards. One of the priciest vodkas in the world, Russo-Baltique Vodka costs $740,000. Only 10 bottles of this limited edition series have been made available by the company. One unique feature of Russo-Baltique Vodka is that purchasers get a free Dartz Prombron Iron Diamond SUV with every bottle they buy.

Russo-Baltique Vodka is produced in imitation radiator-shaped bottles and has excellent flavor and texture. They are created up of coins that were struck between 1908 and 1912, when the business built its first cars. A double-headed Russian Imperial eagle with diamonds placed on it tops the uniquely crafted bottle cap, which is composed of white and yellow gold. A sturdy 20-pound box made of pure gold is used to contain it. a historic automobile that the brand had previously designed

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