There is nothing more enjoyable than visiting somewhere where others have our interests and passions. For your extended trip, if you enjoy beer, we recommend visiting the following locations. It is quite nice to be in a place where beer enthusiasts congregate with lovely views and cold glasses of beer.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

Australia’s entertainment hub is Melbourne, which has a rich history in both the entertainment and travel industries. Melbourne is also where the Moon Dog Craft brewery was founded and flourished. The Moon Dog Craft brewery’s bar, The Brewery Bar, is a must-visit for beer lovers in Melbourne.

The Brewery Bar was constructed and financed to introduce clients to Moon Dog Craft’s beer brands. We can’t overlook Sun Cat or a number of speciality beers, including Black Lung VIII Cognac Barrel-Aged Smoked Sto ut, when we visit The Brewery Bar. You will be really delighted by the untamed environment and the fun, colorful beer glasses.

Make time to visit Slowbeer as well so you can sample Australia’s first 100% handmade beer. The Slow Food movement originated in Italy, and Slowbeer was inspired by it to create craft beers using high-quality ingredients and to introduce craft beer culture to everyone.

Penticton, British Columbia

Pear Lime Gose Sour

Penticton is an ideal travel destination for beer enthusiasts, there is an outdoor resort space dedicated to beer. If anyone likes beer and has learned about beer and wine, we will see that Penticton is converging all the best breweries and wineries in this land such as: Bad Tattoo Brewing with 2 famous beer lines Full Sleeve Strong Stout and Pear Lime Gose Sour, Highway 97 with world famous products Okanagan Fresh Fruit Hefeweizen, Amber Ale, Dirt Road Double IPA.

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Many beer brands are worth enjoying, enjoy with your passion and love for the beers of this land. In particular, if you have the time, visit Penticton with the Okaganan Fest of Ale beer ceremony , here you will enjoy hundreds of beers handcrafted by skilled artisans.

Prague, Czech Republic

Dark wheat beer

Prague , the convergence of all the quintessence of beer making over 1000 years ago. Prague owns its own vineyards with a huge area and rich experience in beer and wine making. Around 1800, Prague was very developed with the beer industry and this is also the main industry of this country.

Prague now has a very old brewery, here they serve visitors with their brand of dark wheat Dunkler Weizenbock beer . Also visit the other breweries here and enjoy the beer to your liking!

Osaka, Japan

Osaka, Japan

Sake and Japanese Asahi beer are both well-known. If you’ve come to Osaka, Japan, you should visit the Asahi Breweries Suita brewery to see and taste the beers made using the house’s own technology. Osaka, Japan is a country with a well developed beer industry. this device.

Additionally, visit Minoh Beer Warehouse to sample the beer selection that this establishment offers, particularly the Minoh Beer Stout and Minoh Beer National Pepper Weizen seasonal beer lines, both of which were quite popular during the 2016 World Cup.

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Fort Collins, Colorado

Fort Collins, Colorado

Strong craft beer culture may be found in Fort Collins, which annually manufactures and distributes more over 1.5 million cases of craft beer. Let’s explore Boulder and Denver, which are regarded as Colorado’s beer birthplace, where 384 breweries produce beer for beer fans.

Additionally, New Belgium Brewing Company hosts the Tour de Fat annually to unite beer lovers for bike rides and beer tasting.

Brussels, Belgium

Cantillon Brewery’s Beer Collection

Breweries and bars are quite well known in Brussels. The city of Brussels offers a wide selection of delectable beers, as well as unique events and festivals. Visit the Cantillon Brewery in Brussels, where they make the well-known Belgian Lambic, Gueuze, and Kriek beers. If you have the time, visit the Bier Circus restaurant to experience the specialty beer Adelardus Tripeldo, Fish Waterzooi, which the restaurant offers to residents and guests of the city in collaboration with the beer firm.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

All of the renowned breweries with mouthwatering beers are located in Buenos Aires. We may enjoy the delectable flavors of wines and beers when we visit Argentina in general or Buenos Aires in particular. Visit Buller Brewing Company, the origin of two well-known beers with names like Amber Ale and Honey Beer, if you desire a sweet beer made with malt and honey. Alternately, take your time and visit Bierlife for cuisine with beer flavors and to try over 40 tap beers, ranging from IPA to sidra espumante seca. Enjoy wonderful beers while on vacation in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and follow your passion.

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Munich, Germany

Oktoberfest beer festival
Oktoberfest beer festival

Munich, Germany is a land with many world-famous beer festivals such as Oktoberfest, Biergartens, Weizenbier, and millions of world beer fans wish to come here during the beer festival season. Come here, we will taste all the beers of the 6 breweries Augustiner, Hacker Pschorr, Hofbräu, Löwenbräu, Paulaner and Spaten. There is also a microbrewery in Mucnich that produces beers such as Kalthopfungsverfahren, Märzen, and limited edition beers such as Gladiator Doppelbock and Heller Doppelbock. Coming to Munich, you completely immerse yourself in a special world of beer with beer lovers.

Cape Town

Devil’s Peak Brewing Beer

In addition to its sea and mountains, Cape Town, South Africa, has become known for the growth of beer tourism. When discussing craft beer, it would be unthinkable to leave out the high-quality supplier Devil’s Peak Brewing Company. South Africa’s Cape Town has the largest craft beer industry. Here, we ought to taste the well-known beer menu items like the IPA-Marinated Olives, Kaapse Fried Chicken Burger, and Cider Battered Hake.


Black Mocha Stout
Black Mocha Stout

Asheville, North Carolina is SmartAssetvoted the best city for beer fans 2017 . Asheville, North Carolina converges more than 20 breweries and bars serving residents and visitors here. Have been to Asheville, North Carolina try Black Mocha Stout, Daycation, Wicked Weed Brewing, The Barrel-Aged Xibalba these are the special beers of this land.

Drinking a lot of beer will be a harmful product for health, but when we drink beer to feel the special taste in each beer, it is an art to enjoy. If you are a beer fan, try once to set foot in the land that can satisfy your passion.

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