A Pint of Hoppiness

We love hearty ales, the more heavily hopped the better…

Living in San Diego, “America’s Finest Craft Beer City” aka the craft beer capital of the world, we are lucky to be exposed to (and spoiled by) an abundance of companies who brew award-winning beer. Because of this, our content is skewed to the West Coast, especially independently owned local craft breweries.

Many years ago, Untappd put us on a quest to sample as many beers as possible. Then a few summers ago, we decided to share our knowledge, or lack thereof, and start this blog.

Our beer review format is packed with as much information about the brew as possible, including trivia, awards, history – and most importantly, what we thought about the beer itself. (see below for scoring)

When we can find a babysitter, we also enjoy visiting the breweries, and will be sharing those experiences as well.

Scoring / Rating

Ratebeer.com and Beeradvocate.com are large community driven beer rating resources, that both implement complex scoring algorithms. We decided on a much simpler system.

While we do consider other factors like color, aroma, and mouthfeel, we primarily rate on taste and overall enjoyment. After all, that’s why you drink a beer — for its flavor, which is why we find that most important.

A scale of 1-5 is used. No .25 points are given, and all numbers are .5. Just look for the bottle cap icons at the bottom of each review:

1 Star: 1/5
Poor. A brewer put a beer in a bottle or can, and that’s about it.

2 Star: 2/5
Below average. Not really worth the time, and definitely could have been better.

3 Star: 3/5
Above average, and worth trying. A satisfactory beer.

4 Star: 4/5
Top notch. You can’t go wrong here, but there was still room for improvement.

5 Star: 5/5
The cream of the crop. A must-have, with our utmost recommendation.

Meet the Founders: Sara P.

Sara first discovered beer in kegs full of Natty Light at UCSB. Since moving to San Diego, her beer choices have become a lot craftier. These are some of her favorites:

Favorite breweries:

  • Green Flash Brewing Company
  • Rogue Ales
  • Lagunitas Brewing Company
  • Bear Republic Brewing Company
  • AleSmith Brewing Company

Favorite styles:

  • IPA
  • Amber / Red Ales
  • Pale Ales
  • Brown Ale
  • Belgian
  • Favorite beers:


  • Dead Guy Ale
  • Pliny the Elder
  • Hop Stoopid
  • West Coast IPA
  • Palette Wrecker
  • San Diego Pale Ale .394
  • Crabbie’s Original Ginger Beer
  • Racer 5
  • Hop Henge