Yakima Hop Candy LolliHops

Yakima Hop Candy LolliHops

Did you know there’s such a thing as hop candy? Neither did we… and it’s delicious!

I wanted to take a moment to help spread the word about the Yakima Hop Candy company, from America’s hop heartland — Yakima, WA.

Their handcrafted LolliHops are infused with locally sourced hops. Yakima Hop Candy’s menu of all-natural flavors include: Original, Lemon, Passion Fruit, Jasmine, Blood Orange, and many more.

Once I saw these on Twitter, I knew what Sara’s Valentine’s Day gift was going to be. I ordered through their Etsy shop, and the shipment arrived in no time at all, complete with a small gift bag.

When you look at the LolliHops, you can see flecks of green suspended in the body of the candy. Not sure if it was rendered hops from being melted in, or actual particles of the dried hop plant sprinkled into the mixture.

The candy definitely carried the aroma of hops. The Original flavor tasted very natural, and not overly sweet, which let the hop bitterness come through.

At certain points, I hit pockets of intensified hoppiness as I ate the candy. I enjoyed lemon better, since that LolliHops flavor featured more of a sour candy characteristic to its base.

This was not a paid endorsement, and I highly recommend any hop head give this unique hop experience a try.

For more information and how to order, you can visit Yakima Hop Candy LolliHops.

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