Shop Local: Craft Beer Holiday Gift Ideas

Shop Local: Craft Beer Holiday Gift Ideas

The holiday shopping rush is in full swing, and if you’re stuck on gift ideas for the craft beer geek in your life, we’re here to help!

Last year we highlighted some useful, yet cost-effective products. This gift giving season we wanted to focus on local San Diego vendors, who are creating a wide array of seriously head turning craft beer products, ranging from apparel, to glassware, to upcycled goods. These products are all quality, designed by craft-minded individuals who deserve your business and hard earned dollars.


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    If you make it a point to support military veterans, Bullets2Bandages might be of interest to you. Depending on the product you choose, a different veterans group or charity receives a portion of the sale proceeds.

    Although they have branched out into other branded barware and groomsmen gifts, Bullet2Bandage’s cornerstone product will always be their 50 caliber bullet bottle opener, made from spent military ammunition. Their openers are available in polished metal or powder coat finish, then engraved with an existing decoration, or your own custom design.

    Effortlessly open your beer!

Craft Beerd

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    Rudy Pollarena Jr, aka Craft Beerd has been cultivating “The Craft of Beer Art” in San Diego for over 3 years. Countless apparel and glassware designs have been adorned with his iconic mustachioed logo figure.

    We are proud owners of too many beer glasses, but one of our favorites in the house is their “Cheers Friends” design. If you’re sharing a bottle, look no further than a set of decorative mini-chalice tasters.

    In the most recent wave of products, 8 new designs were unleashed in both his and hers tanktops, tees, and sweatshirts, including the “SD Beer” and “Queen of Pints” pictured below. Don’t miss out on their new enamel pins either!

Hoppy Beer Hoppy Life

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    This craft beer lifestyle brand was established in 2012, and as you’d imagine they urge you to enjoy hoppy beer, which in turn leads to a hoppy life. Simple enough, right?

    This company offers a wide array of apparel choices including socks, jackets, hats, onesies, flannels, and Hawaiian-style collared shirts. There’s no shortage of Hoppy Beer Hoppy Life t-shirt designs either, including this AC/DC tribute. All tees feature a small hop cone tag on the sleeve.

    Cheers to good beers!

SD Bottle Factory
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    SD Bottle Factory is an upcycle craft beer company. What does that mean? They take your recycled beer packaging and glass containers, and repurpose them into functional “new” products for your craft beer enjoyment.

    As name implies, they cut bottles into pint glasses with your favorite beer label art, but the glassware can also be used as coin trays, candle holders, or stash jars. SD Bottle Factory’s forte might be cut glass, but our favorite products are their coaster sets, made from cardboard 6 pack carriers mounted on tile.

    Choose from existing inventory, or contact them directly to arrange a custom order.

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