SD Bottle Factory, an Upcycle Craft Beer Company

SD Bottle Factory Upcycled craft beer products

We’re always on the lookout for cool craft beer gear, and there’s a local San Diego company that creates amazing products from your craft beer leftovers. Not the beer itself — which should never be squandered — but from its packaging and containers.

About SD Bottle Factory

SD Bottle Factory specializes in upcycling, also known as repurposing, or creative reuse, where waste materials are transformed into more purposeful goods. In other words, they make re-sellable merchandise out of your craft beer by-products, including bottles, cans, cardboard packaging, and bottle caps.

Established in 2014, SD Bottle Factory was founded out of a very straightforward need:

SD Bottle Factory was born from a very simple idea…enjoy a cold beer, turn the empty bottle into a glass, fill it back up, and enjoy another cold beer!!!

A Closer Look at SD Bottle Factory Craftsmanship

SD Bottle Factory Upcycled Products

As the name implies, SD Bottle Factory cuts your used screen printed beer bottles into glassware — or whatever other use you can find for them, like coin holders, vases, planters, or candleholders. They might be a “Bottle Factory”, but our favorite upcycled product of theirs are beer coasters, made from 6pk or 12pk cardboard packaging sealed onto durable square tiles.

Regardless of what craft beer materials you would like re-imagined, their design process is very straight forward:

  1. Choose your brewery / brand.
  2. If they don’t have the cardboard or bottle you’re after on hand, you can provide it yourself for a custom order.
  3. The bottle or cardboard gets turned into an upcycled craft product.

SD Bottle Factory’s creativity does not stop with cut bottles and coasters. They have fashioned a lamp out of a large Bulleit whiskey bottle, a small planter from a Patron tequila bottle, and hanging decorative lighting from wine glasses. Their two newest products are bottlecap magnets, and canned succulent gardens, which you can see above.

You can visit the SD Bottle Factory Etsy Store to shop online or arrange for a custom order. If you’re more in the mood to go window shopping, you can find their merchandise at Make Good in South Park, or the Birdrock Art Nest of La Jolla.

To see more of their creative projects, be sure to follow them on social media: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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