Doggie Beer Bones, All-Natural Dog Treats

Doggie Beer Bones

We try to recommend local San Diego craft beer related businesses and/or products whenever possible, but in the case of Doggie Beer Bones, we trusted our four legged friend’s opinion.

About Doggie Beer Bones

Established in 2009 by avid home brewer David Crane, Doggie Beer Bones was founded as a creative way to reuse his spent brewing grain. Why not bake the leftover malted barley into a dog treat? Once friends and family raved about his unique dog cookies, it was time to share them with the rest of San Diego.

Doggie Beer Bones are all-natural dog treats, handmade with:

Spent brewing grain, peanut butter, barley flour, eggs, and water. They do NOT contain any wheat, soy, corn, hops, alcohol, additives, or preservatives.

Eventually, dog bone production had to be scaled up and the treats are now baked in a food grade commercial kitchen. For packaging, Doggie Beer Bones recently partnered with Partnerships with Industry, a San Diego non-profit that provides employment opportunities to adults with disabilities.

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Doggie Beer Bones Products

We first learned about Doggie Beer Bones at AleSmith last summer, when one of their beertenders offered a treat to our dog Lola. She had gotten sick from treats in the past, but once he explained the bone was made naturally from spent brewing grain, it definitely sounded safe to us.

Lola loved it, and scarfed that cookie down in record time. Each time she saw the beertender for the rest of our visit, she would “sit”, looking for another treat. So when we saw the orange Doggie Beer Bones tent at the San Diego Beer Week Guildfest, we knew we had to bring a bag home for her.

We opted for their Stone Brewing Company branded “Stone Bones”, and Lola has been hooked ever since. Just say “beer bone” or “Stone Bone” and she licks her chops, and comes running at full speed. Lola must also be a stout fan like her parents, since she truly prefers the darker grains sourced from Stone.

Our dog loves Doggie Beer Bones for her own tasty reasons, but what we appreciate is knowing the treats are made locally, from all-natural ingredients clearly labeled on the bag. Like any reputable brewery, Doggie Beer Bones also takes freshness very seriously by packaging their product in re-sealable pouches, with date stickers on the bottom of the bag. The treats are baked in small batches for freshness, guaranteed for 8 months.

Doggie Beer Bones are available in two formats — their own label, or as branded bags from breweries who collaborate with them for spent grain. Those local San Diego breweries include Stone, Green Flash, AleSmith, Iron Fist, Societe, and more.

You can find Doggie Beer Bones at the breweries listed above, or around town at dog friendly tasting rooms and bottle shops like Bottle Craft and Clem’s. Orders can also be placed online via PayPal in the Doggie Beer Bones store, or on (Prime eligible).

Doggie Beer Bones can also be found on the following social media: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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