Craft Beerd’s Latest Glassware: “Cheers Friends”

Craft Beerd Cheers Friends glassware

Last week, local craft beer inspired design company Craft Beerd debuted its latest addition to their ongoing collection of artistically creative craft beer glassware. As soon as we saw the design we knew we’d be placing an order for a set, and they have quickly become our new favorite glasses.

“Cheers Friends” 16oz Glasses

The front of the glass features the Craft Beerd figure logo, standing next to bold, stacked, all-caps lettering that reads “Cheers Friends.” Not like anybody should need extra help becoming happy with a beer in their hand, but this bright and cheerful message puts an extra smile on your face. The backside of the glass is branded with “Craft Beerd” in scratch font.

A Closer Look at the Glassware

Not only is Craft Beerd’s artwork visually stunning, but so is the glassware itself. Known as the Revival glass, these shapely vessels are the new hot ticket, and also feature a technologically advanced design. With nucleated circles etched into the bottom stem area, they help to promote even carbonation.

With its wide-mouth opening, you can really pour hard into this glass without worrying about overflows. Its flared upper torso helps spiral the beer around and also traps aromatics, while the angled lip makes it even easier to sip on your craft beer of choice.

If pouring a beer into these awesome glasses and cheers’ing a friend doesn’t put you in a good mood, we don’t know what will!

You can buy the glasses online directly from the Craft Beerd store, or at the Bine and Vine bottle shop in Normal Heights.

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