3 Inexpensive (and essential) Craft Beer Gift Ideas

3 Inexpensive Craft Beer Gift Ideas

With Christmas right around the corner, we wanted to take a minute to highlight some essential, yet very cost-effective craft beer gear. We own all of these products, and find each item to be indispensible.

If you’re looking for some budget gift ideas, and stuck on what to get the craft beer aficionado in your life, consider one of these items — we highly recommend them!

Cork Puller

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    Belgian ales, barrel aged stouts, and other special releases are often sealed with a wooden cork and muselet, instead of a standard bottle cap. Not all corks are in there too tight, but if every craft drinker hasn’t had a cork act stubborn, get stuck, or broken off, we’d be surprised.


    Enter the champagne cork puller, which firmly grasps the cork to be effortlessly pulled out, without sore fingers. Why put more work into your craft beer enjoyment? Get that cork out of there fast with a quick squeeze and twist, that’s just as easy to use as a standard pry-off bottle opener.

Beer Savers

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    We bought these as a stocking stuffer for the whole family last year, and they have been more than worth their $7 price tag. These silicon beer caps tightly fit any 12 or 22 oz bottle, to re-seal and keep carbonated whatever precious liquid is left inside. Based on our own research, Beer Savers preserve the beer “out-of-the-bottle” fresh for up to two days, with less carbonated styles lasting even longer.


    Beer Savers might sound unnecessary, but trust us — they are well worth it, with several useful applications:

  • During a bottle share, or beer tasting event.
  • You need to split a bomber with your significant other, but they cannot drink it until later.
  • Most importantly, why let the effervescence out of a bomber you are drinking by yourself?

Libbey Goblets

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    The shaker pint has run its course, and craft beer drinkers need to re-evaluate their choices in glassware. Not only are these Libbey goblets inexpensive, but they are the Swiss Army knife of craft beer glasses — they work well for ANY style. Their slightly arc’ed rim bouquets aroma nicely, the stemmed foot looks more elegant, and the glass holds up to 16oz at a time.


    This sturdy glass is also dishwasher safe. Are there better glasses out there? Sure, like these Speigelau specialty glasses which cannot be topped for dank IPAs. We’re just saying these goblets are pretty tough to beat for durability, cost, and versatility. Libbey also makes a slightly smaller capacity 14.75 oz Porter / Stout goblet set.

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