Stone Brewing at Liberty Station – San Diego, CA

Stone Brewing at Liberty Station

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A Brief History

Our concept is to provide a brief history of every brewery we visit, but this is Stone’s second location, which we are visiting out of order. We have been to the original Stone Brewing World Bistro and Gardens in Escondido many times, just not since coming up with the idea for this beer blog.

That is how things are out of turn, so to speak. And who wants to read the same info across 2 posts? So I guess we hold back on some Stone historical facts , and save them for the original recipe Stone campus, and instead concentrate on Liberty Station.

Besides opening a location in Terminal 2 of the San Diego International Airport, Stone also debuted their 2nd Stone Brewing World Bistro and Gardens at Liberty Station in 2013. Their new 23,000 square foot facility cost $8,000,000 to build, with capacity for 700 customers.

Liberty Station is a development in Point Loma (next to harbor and SD airport), which used to be the site of the Naval Training Center San Diego. In 1997 the Navy closed the training facility, and it only took until 2012 for the city of San Diego to complete the second phase of development in Liberty Station.

The finished Liberty Station development hosts several districts — hotel, educational, residential for military housing, the promenade for arts and science, and retail/commercial district where Stone is located.

Our Visit to Stone Brewing Liberty Station

After winding around a few hallways of the former navy base from the parking lot, you arrive inside the restaurant. The large dining area runs left to right, with a bar on the opposite side, forming a T intersection.

We will call this the “inside bar”, which boasts a more extensive guest list of beer on tap. And by guest list, we mean an impressive handpicked menu of non-Stone beer. The outside “garden bar” has a guest list as well, but not as good as this one.

The bathroom near this bar seems normal at first, but once you go to wash your hands, the men and women share an adjoining sink across from each other. We would have loved to post a pic for you, but didn’t want to weird anyone out with a camera phone in a bathroom.

As you wrap around the inside of the restaurant on your way to the outdoors area, you will pass a Bocci ball court. Its built into a side nook outside the restaurant right before you make it outdoors.

The outside grounds form a massive courtyard. You can tell Stone tried to make this a loose replica of its original Escondido campus, only this property has WAY more room, and level ground for that matter. The decor is just like the Escondido location – modern, yet rustic.

Along the left side, there are two semi-private alcoves of turf, boulders, and bamboo. Relaxing in a ski-resort style chair makes it even easier to enjoy the zen-like, open air. But be prepared to have your serenity interrupted by booming planes taking off from Lindbergh Field overhead.

One of Liberty Station’s advantages, is its abundance of umbrella’d table seating in the outdoor dining areas. You don’t have a problem getting a table for food service, but beware – tables are for dining only.

Another pleasing aesthetic is the lazy stream that runs through the center of the courtyard. You can walk around either side, or take the foot bridge over the manmade river bed on your way to the back “garden bar” to sample a Liberty Station exclusive.

The plots of land might be similar in square footage, but Liberty Station uses its space more efficiently than Escondido, for a less crowded experience. Its roominess and extensive beer menu have us choosing to drive south to Point Loma, instead of heading north to Escondido.

Exclusives on Tap

Exclusive brews to Liberty Station available on tap during our visit:

  • Burton Snatch English IPA: 3/5

    3 Stars

    An English style IPA with a dirty word in the name. Pretty strong.

  • Commander In The Crosshairs: 3/5

    3 Stars

    Another English style, only this time a pale ale. Still not sure how an ESB differs from English pale ale, but tasty nonetheless…

  • Supremely Self Conscious Ale: 4/5

    4 Stars

    A black session IPA. We wish all session IPAs were this good.

  • Witty Moron: 3/5

    3 Stars

    A witbier, get it? Actually it’s a black witbier, which is something we had never seen before…

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