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Intergalactic Brewing Company

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A Brief History

Intergalactic Brewing Company was founded in 2012 by Alex Van Horne and Anthony Fusco. They opened their doors for business at their Miramar facility in spring of 2013.

Intergalactic may be a young brewery, but it has taken home beer competition awards at warp speed:

  • Gold – 2013 SDIBF: Red Planet Rye
  • Silver – 2014 LA County Fair: Space Oasis Coconut Porter
  • Bronze – 2015 SDIBF: Shut Up Wesley Wheat / Red Shirt #29
  • Bronze – 2015 LAIBC: Shut Up Wesley Wheat / Red Shirt #29
  • Bronze – 2015 LAIBC: Beam Me Up Scotch Ale
  • Bronze – 2015 LAIBC: Pluto’s Honey Porter
  • Bronze – 2015 LAIBC: Space Oasis Coconut Porter
  • Silver – 2015 LAIBC: The Cake is a Lie
  • Silver – 2015 LAIBC: 2nd Anniversary Wheat Wine
  • Gold – 2015 LAIBC: Orion’s Stout
  • Gold – 2015 LAIBC: Astro Amber Ale

Within two years, the nanobrewery has already expanded. By taking over the space next door, the brewery upgraded to a three barrel brewing system. The tasting room was also re-modeled with a larger bar and new draft line.

Intergalactic Brewing Company is not distributed in bottles or cans yet, so the only way to enjoy their beer is to visit the brewery. They will gladly fill any blank growlers, or you can buy one of their branded glass screw tops to enjoy at home.

Our Visit to Intergalactic Brewing Company

If you love positively delicious craft beer AND science fiction, Intergalactic Brewing Company is the place for you!

As huge Star Wars fans, we could argue this place had the best motif of any San Diego tasting room. Not only were there several rare Star Wars movie posters on the walls, but life-sized Chewbacca, R2-D2, and C3-PO cut-outs posed in the back corner.

Kegs lined the lower half of the back wall, with the Intergalactic spacecraft logo flying through a nebula background, and more vintage sci-fi movie posters above tabled seating. Intergalactic’s decor was a perfect blend of industrial and science fiction. It was not overly geeky, and you still knew you were there to drink beer.

And Intergalactic’s beer definitely spoke for itself.

Intergalactic had two entrances — the front door, or through the garage door in the back alley. Whichever portal you chose, there were also Star Wars themed reminders kindly requesting you to keep your beer inside (see in gallery).

This nanobrewery had a massive beer menu, with 19/20 taps flowing behind its sturdy wraparound bar. Lucky for us, several of their award winners were available like Red Planet Rye, Space Oasis Coconut Porter, and The Cake is a Lie. As you may have noticed, their beers are named after something astrological, or sci-fi themed.

The most creative of their naming conventions being their sequentially numbered “Red Shirt” series, designated for their R & D beers. Why Red Shirt? It’s a tribute to Star Trek, where the star fleet crew in red shirts often died, or were expendable. So if one of these beers does not test well, it’s gone.

There may have been plenty of references to otherworldly beings at Intergalactic, but their staff put a real personal touch on everything, with attention to detail and friendly customer service. Each of the silver glitter tasting racks was labeled with a handwritten masking tape tag for each beer in the set, along with an verbal explanation of every glass you ordered.

Intergalactic Brewing Company makes some of the tastiest beer in San Diego. Just don’t make the same mistake we did and wait so long to get in there!

Exclusives on Tap

Everything Intergalactic brews was new to us, so we each did our own taster flight to start. After that, we circled back with a shared round of our favorites of the day:

  • Berry Patch Wormhole Wit: 3.5/5

    3.5 Stars

    A berry wit that was not overly sweet, tart, or more importantly, artificial. Its lasting berry finish was clean, where the crisp and dry fruit gently faded away.

  • Andromeda IPA: 4.5/5

    4.5 Stars

    Extremely smooth and well balanced IPA that we highly recommend. It packed a hoppy bite and ABV, like it could have been a double. Brewed with Cascade, Chinook, and Mosaic hops.

  • Red Shirt #33: 4.5/5

    4.5 Stars

    Their other Red Shirt (#19 Trippel) was no slouch, but we preferred this one even more. A Belgian golden ale that tasted like bubble gum, or fruit candy with pineapple tang in the finish.

  • The Cake is a Lie: 5/5

    5 Stars

    This was one ridiculous dessert beer that went down way too easy! A light, yet strong, cream ale with lactose and coffee. Cake batter sweetness up front, with a pleasing amount of coffee bitter in the finish.

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