Garage Brewing Co – Temecula, CA

Garage Brewing Co - Temecula, California

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A Brief History

Garage Brewing Co opened its doors for business in the fall of 2013, after a former auto repair garage was converted into a brewery and pizzeria. Their name choice may seem obvious, but also serves as a clever double meaning:

The brewery was aptly named Garage Brewing Co not only due to its previous life, but also since it seems where most home brewers start their own experience brewing beer.

Garage Brewing Co’s state-of-the-art 10 BBL system was custom manufactured in North America. Placing an emphasis on their water source, Garage’s “toolbox” also includes a Reverse Osmosis filtration system that allows them to adjust water hardness depending on the style being brewed.

They might have just celebrated their second anniversary, but the brewery is quickly gaining notoriety. Garage Brewing Co took home three awards in 2015, including the prestigious gold for Helles style lager at the Great American Beer Festival:

  • Gold – 2015 GABF: Bucket Seat Blonde
  • Silver – 2015 SDIBF: Apricot Wit
  • Bronze – 2015 SDIBF: Black IPA

While visiting the brewery, you can get a growler filled from their technologically advanced counter-pressure filler. (Unfortunately they do not offer bottles to go.) You can also find Garage Brewing Co beers on draft throughout Southern California, as well as in 22oz bottles of their year round and seasonal releases.

Our Visit to garage Brewing Co

After drinking their Marshmallow Milk Stout (and yes, it tastes just like it sounds) last spring, we started enjoying our way through Garage Brewing Co’s solid bottle lineup. Heading 15 south on our way home from the mountains, we figured there was no better time to check out Garage’s brewery and pizzeria.

The outside of Garage Brewing Co was lit up in bright neon garage-themed signage with the brewery’s gear logo, along with some racing flames advertising their fast fired stone oven pizza. If you didn’t know the brewery was named from operating within a former auto repair garage, you would have figured it out on your way to the front door. Several of the building’s old car bay garage doors were converted into large windows spanning the entire dining area.

Inside, the decor was fairly plain with plywood finished walls, and a few auto/garage themed pictures. There were plenty of TVs showing sports, which is always a plus in our book. Sticking with the automotive theme, they used large wrenches for tap handles.

When it came to the pizza, there were the pre-determined pizzeria “staple” options like pepperoni, sausage, etc. Since we were feeling adventurous, we took the more daring build-your-own custom pie route. As we walked down the pizza assembly line, we got to choose our own artisanal ingredients, and their chefs would pile it on to specifications.

As their sign mentioned, they fast fired their pizza in an enormous stone oven, making it ready in just minutes for delivery to our table. The pizza was delicious, and being able to see and choose our own toppings made it that much more enjoyable.

Beer can be ordered at the front counter / pizza assembly line along with your food in 10 or 16 oz pours. You can also head to the back of the building for a peek at their brewing system, or to belly-up to the back bar.

We have always found great value in Garage Brewing Co’s affordable bombers, and they also extend that standard into their brewpub. Our whole gang got 2 pizzas and 2 beers for $25. Garage Brewing Co’s slogan was “Fresh beer. Great pizza. Good value.” and we would easily recommend a visit to their brewery based on those three core principles.

Exclusives on Tap

These were a few of the Garage Brewing Co brews available on tap during our visit. No way we could pass up their medal winner, or holiday ale:

  • Bucket Seat Blonde: 3.5/5

    3.5 Stars

    2015 GABF gold medal winner for Munich-Style Helles (aka Pale Lager). As expected, this crisp blonde lager was very true to style, with a clean finish.

  • Holidation: 3.5/5

    3.5 Stars

    A Belgian Strong Ale turned winter warmer for the holidays. Peaches and Belgian yeast up front, until the nutmeg and cinnamon kicked in for a spiced up finish.

  • The Tow Truck: 3.5/5

    3.5 Stars

    This Belgian Tripel came highly recommended, and we are happy to have finally tried it. Very smooth with a well hidden ABV for a strong ale. It teased banana, pear, and apple, but we just wished it had a bit more fruitiness to it.

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