Santa’s Pet Monkey Holiday Ale

Monkey Paw Brewing Company - Santa’s Pet Monkey Holiday Ale

Brewed by: Monkey Paw Brewing Company

Beer Classification and Specs

  • Style: Stout
  • Variation: Imperial (Double)
  • Seasonal: Winter
  • ABV: 10.5%
  • IBU: N/A

Brewer’s Notes and Ingredients

Santa’s Pet Monkey is our ever changing annual holiday spiced strong ale. This year we created a decadent Imperial Stout as a bold base and layered in notes of graham cracker, cocoa, vanilla, a hint of marshmallow and a light touch of smoke. No holiday ale is “S’more” approachable than Santa’s Pet Monkey so regardless if you’ve been naughty or nice you’re on the list to enjoy SPM with friends and family this holiday season!

Hops: N/A

Malts: N/A

Additional: N/A

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First Impressions

Artwork: Santa’s sleigh is being pulled by a crazy little monkey.

Color: Pitch black.

Aroma: Mostly dark roast and bakers chocolate.

The Tasting

Arrived in: 22oz. Bottle

Served in: Snifter

This year’s release of Santa’s Pet Monkey marked the first time Monkey Paw Brewing Company has ever bottled a beer, which was released alongside Thank You! 5th Anniversary Ale in late November.

Sadly, its release also coincided with the shocking news that Cosimo Sorrentino would be leaving his position of head brewer at both Monkey Paw and South Park Brewing Co. One sip of this beer was a quick reminder as to how much Cosimo and his creative recipes will be sorely missed in San Diego.

Santa’s Pet Monkey poured a minimalistic chocolate colored head that dissipated fairly quick. It left behind some larger clusters of off-sized bubbles sitting on top of its jet black liquid. We could tell it poured motor oil thick, and looked forward to diving in.

But first a few whiffs…

Santa Claus could only hope the sweet treats left for him by the fireplace smelled this good! Santa’s Pet Monkey featured a huge desserty aroma, with dark roast and baker’s chocolate leading the way.

There was some mild bready sweetness underneath like graham crackers, with a hint of vanilla. This beer was pitched as a S’more, and so far we had the chocolate, graham cracker, and marshmallow without even taking a drink.

Those same fantastic confectionary notes we experienced on the nose translated directly onto the palate. Up front Santa’s Pet Monkey featured dark roasted malt and chocolate, with a sweet finish of vanilla and marshmallow. Then more dark roast washed back over the sweetness, adding a touch of smoke.

This big syrupy stout was released at the most wonderful time of the year, where its comforting double digit ABV and “as advertised” dessert flavors were even more enjoyable.

Final Score: 4.5/5

4.5 Stars

Santa’s Pet Monkey was dessert in a glass. Syrupy and sweet paired with an abundance of roast and chocolate character, vanilla, and smoked notes to finish. One of the best stouts we drank this year.

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