Port Brewing Older Viscosity

Port Brewing Older Viscocity

Brewed by: Port Brewing Company

Beer Classification and Specs

  • Style: Stout
  • Variation: Imperial (Double)
  • Limited: Yes
  • ABV: 12%
  • IBU: N/A

Notes: Specialty barrel aged version of their Old Viscosity stout.

Brewer’s Notes and Ingredients

An enormously rich but satisfying beer, Older Viscosity is 100% straight no chaser barrel-aged Old Viscosity — the beer we blend in the production of Old Viscosity. The color is black like asphalt and the aroma is an uncompromising malty nose with dark caramel and chocolate overtones. The barrel aging provides hints of vanilla and American oak. The flavor begins with a coating of rich malts and dark chocolate and finishes in a dry bitter-sweetness balanced by the firm bitterness of roasted dark malts.

Hops: German Magnum

Additional: Aged in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels for 6 months.

First Impressions

Artwork: Same label as Old Viscosity (old truck getting oil changed), only this special release features a wooden cork and muselet.

Color: Pure black.

Aroma: Bready or malt, w/ slight hint of sweet bourbon.

The Tasting

Arrived in: 16 oz. bottle

Served in: Glass

As the brewer proclaims, “This is definitely not your dad’s 30 weight!”

Port Brewing uses that slogan for regular Old Viscosity, as well as this barrel aged special edition. With multiple references to oil, you know you’re about to have a stout that pushes the “weight” envelope.

Actually, it’s been a while since I last had Old Viscosity, and I want to say the consistency of this barrel aged release doesn’t seem as viscous. Not by much, but it’s definitely stronger though!

Perhaps the dryness of bourbon and oak flavors on the tongue created the illusion it wasn’t as soupy as its counterpart…

After pouring, a light ring of chocolate colored head sits on top of the jet-black liquid. There’s zero lacing, but as you tilt your glass back for each savory drink, you will always find  a thin layer of creamy bubbles.

Older Viscosity had minimal carbonation (the lowest I’ve seen in a while), producing a creamy mouthfeel to complement it’s syrupy consistency.

Stouts typically feature a single dark flavor note like chocolate, roast, or coffee. But Older Viscosity delivered multiple levels of taste — chocolate beginnings, to light bourbon and oak, with a toasted nut finish.

Where Older Viscosity excelled, was melding the perfect amount (not too sweet) of bourbon and oaked goodness into their dense stout. The thicker the stout the better, and it definitely did not disappoint in that regard.

Final Score: 5/5


Due to Older Viscosity residing at the darkest end of the beer spectrum, along with its barrel aging process, this stout is obviously not for everyone. I loved it for those reasons, but only fans of hefty stouts or barrel aged beers should consider giving it a try.

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  • Santa left this awesome beer for me in my stocking – guess I was extra good this year. Definitely get that barrel aged boozy bourbon hit + chocolate = sign me up for another! You’re right – stout lovers should be on the lookout for this beer.

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