Four Seasons of Mother Earth: Winter Breakfast Stout with Coffee (2016)

Four Seasons of Mother Earth Winter Breakfast Stout with Coffee

Brewed by: Mother Earth Brew Co.

Beer Classification and Specs

  • Style: Stout
  • Variation: Coffee, Barrel Aged
  • Seasonal: Winter
  • ABV: 10.5%
  • IBU: N/A

Notes: Fourth of four bottles in the 2016 Four Seasons of Mother Earth series.

Brewer’s Notes and Ingredients

Toasted oak. Creamy oatmeal. Roasted coffee.

Hops: N/A

Malts: Oats

Additional: Coffee

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First Impressions

Artwork: Using white, teal, and gold colors, an owl flies through a snowy forest positioned inside the flowing locks of Mother Earth’s hair.

Color: Jet black.

Aroma: Mocha coffee.

The Tasting

Arrived in: 22oz. Bottle

Served in: Snifter

Welcome to our 4th and final installment of reviews for Mother Earth Brew Co’s 2016 “Four Seasons of Mother Earth” series. We had been expecting a barrel aged stout for their winter release, and Mother Earth actually upped the ante by brewing a “breakfast” stout with coffee. Although we didn’t have it in the morning, we still enjoyed it all the same for lunch this past weekend.

In the visuals department, this was our favorite artwork of the series because of the color scheme, and the owl flying on the label. Out of the bottle, it poured in the prototypical barrel aged stout fashion. Jet black in color, with a thin tan colored head that melted away as fast as it stood up in the glass.

Winter Breakfast Stout’s aroma was heavy with chocolate and dark roast coffee. Of course there were some bourbon aromatics — nothing too boozy, but you could tell it was there. Imagine spiking a mocha with some bourbon, and that’s pretty close to its aroma. (Don’t act like you’ve never done that before!)

When it comes to bourbon barrel aged stouts, you can look at them one of two ways: drink right away and who cares if it comes in hot, or let it age for a while until some of the boozy heat drops off. This beer drank perfectly right out of the gate. Much like its nose, there was just enough bourbon to remind you that Mother Earth Winter was barrel aged.

We better not gloss over the other amazing flavors this stout offered up, in addition to its ideal levels of vanilla-like bourbon. Up front, this stout packed huge chocolate flavor that transitioned right into dark roast coffee. As it got to the finish, those aforementioned subtle bourbon notes washed over, then faded away underneath more bitter dark roast.

In the overall experience, Winter Breakfast Stout with Coffee was the best bottle of the series. It’s tough to beat a BBA stout, but the Autumn Scotch Ale aged in bourbon casks was a close second. Here’s our final power ranking for the 2016 Four Seasons of Mother Earth:

  1. Winter Breakfast Stout
  2. Autumn Scotch Ale
  3. Summer Belgian Golden Ale
  4. Spring Barleywine Ale

Kudos to Mother Earth in this whole series for one thing. These were all barrel aged beers, and all priced around $15. Contrary to what many other breweries feel, not every beer that rests in barrel needs to retail for $30. So cheers to Mother Earth for that!

Final Score: 4.5/5

4.5 Stars

Four Seasons of Mother Earth Winter Breakfast Stout with Coffee was a decadent stout that was so well balanced on all fronts. Bakers chocolate, mocha coffee, and vanilla from its delicate bourbon were all there to create a rich and velvety dessert-like (or breakfast) drinking experience.

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