Belching Beaver Pumpkin Spice Milk Stout

Belching Beaver Brewery Pumpkin Spice Milk Stout

Brewed by: Belching Beaver Brewery

Beer Classification and Specs

  • Style: Stout
  • Variation: Milk, Pumpkin
  • Seasonal: Yes
  • ABV: 5.3%
  • IBU: N/A

Brewer’s Notes and Ingredients

We came out with this beer when we first opened in 2012; our first derivative of our Nitro “Beaver’s Milk” Stout and people loved it. Everyone, but the brewers. The spices were clogging up the nitro spouts. We were constantly cleaning them. Troy would not make it the same the following year. So now you know what I have to deal with. It’s always production versus sales. Dave and I loved the beer and wanted it back. So basically this year, I pre-sold some rather large accounts, I’m just sneaky that way. So we have to make it now, and we did. Hints of Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cloves, you know, Pumpkin Pie! — Tom

Hops: N/A

Malts: Barley, Dark Malts, Rolled Oats

Additional: Spices

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First Impressions

Artwork: Follows the Belching Beaver branding template, only this time the little critter is popping out of a jack-o-lantern with the stem cutout on top of his head.

Color: Dark brown to black, cola colored.

Aroma: Loads of pumpkin pie spice.

The Tasting

Arrived in: 22oz. Bottle

Served in: Snifter

Belching Beaver Brewery’s Pumpkin Spice Milk Stout was yet another variation on their excellent line of milk stouts including the original Beaver’s Milk, Peanut Butter, and Horchata, among other brewery exclusive one-offs. The brewer’s notes above also taught some history, that pumpkin was actually their first variant of milk stout.

This may seem like an odd comparison for a beer, but we thought this milk stout shared many cola-like characteristics throughout the tasting. For starters, its coloring was dark just like a soda, and it definitely foamed up like one when poured.

Large brown bubbles fizzed up to form a pinkie finger tall head that vanished almost as fast as it appeared. Zero trace of froth was left on top of the liquid line and lazy, sporadic bubbles would occasionally pop on the surface, like a slow boiling black stew.

Pumpkin Spice Milk Stout’s other soda-like trait was in its aroma. The stout started very sweet, like a root beer or sarsaparilla, followed by huge wafts of allspice, or spiced pumpkin pie. It was if somebody was holding a heaping spoonful of spices underneath our noses inside the snifter.

Pumpkin stuff is not necessarily Mike’s favorite thing, but the nose on this milk stout was pretty incredible. Where it truly excelled was the aroma was still kicking when you took a sip, giving this ale a dual attack — you got to smell and taste its spiced goodness at the same time.

Pumpkin Spice Milk Stout started with sweet flavor like molasses, and even a hint of vanilla. Right as its sweetness really developed, the pumpkin and spices took over for the finish. Sprinkles of allspice over pumpkin pie, with maybe even a dusting of nutmeg.

This was another well done pumpkin beer in the sense we weren’t left with a mouthful of pumpkin — it faded back to sweet milk stout with dark roasted malt on our palates. For such a low ABV, Pumpkin Spice Milk Stout featured a syrupy body with a creamy mouthfeel.

Final Score: 4/5

4 Stars

We have enjoyed many Belching Beaver beers before, and Pumpkin Spice Milk Stout was no exception in quality. This dark ale was livened up with an ample harmony of spices, and very satisfying — yet not overly filling.

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