Olde Mecklenburg Rein Pale Ale

Olde Mecklenburg Rein Pale Ale

Brewed by: The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery

Beer Classification and Specs

  • Style: Pale Ale
  • Variation: American
  • Seasonal: Summer
  • ABV: 5.2%
  • IBU: 48

Notes: SpecialNotes

Brewer’s Notes and Ingredients

The Rein Pale Ale (RPA) is a cross between an American-style pale ale and a German-style lagered ale. A beautiful light amber color, this moderately bitter pale ale is an enjoyable selection for almost any occasion. And like all OMB beers our RPA is brewed in strict accordance with the world famous German “Reinheitsgebot” beer purity law of 1516. That means it’s all natural, with no chemicals, preservatives or cheap adjunct ingredients. Malt, hops, water and yeast.

First Impressions

Artwork: Nothing but the tap handle pictured above.

Color: Golden.

Aroma: Nothing to speak of.

The Tasting

Served in: Draft

I had Olde Mecklenburg Rein Pale Ale on tap in the Charlotte, NC airport.

There were about 5 or 6 regional beers on tap to choose from, and I’m convinced I picked the worst one.

Rein Pale Ale was missing all of the typical pale ale flavor characteristics, and profiled more like an average (or below average) pilsner.

I thought the bartender poured the wrong beer, but after double checking, she did not.

Final Score: 1.5/5


Olde Mecklenburg Rein Pale Ale was very disappointing to say the least. This beer did not taste like a pale ale, much less a good beer.

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