Societe Brewing The Savage

Societe Brewing Company - The Savage Blended Barrel Aged Ale w/ Cherries

Brewed by: Societe Brewing Company

Beer Classification and Specs

  • Style: Wild Ale
  • Variation: American, Sour
  • Limited: Yes
  • ABV: 7.4%
  • IBU: N/A

Notes: A member of Societe Brewing’s “Feral” series.

Brewer’s Notes and Ingredients

The Savage is a dark ale matured in wine barrels and rested on sour cherries. He exhibits cherry tartness, oak, toast, bloodlust.

Hops: N/A

Malts: N/A

Additional: Sour Cherries, Saccharomyces, Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, Pediococcus

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First Impressions

Artwork: If that isn’t a silhouette of brewery owner Travis Smith wielding a stabbing weapon on the label, we’ll buy you a bottle.

Color: Murky reddish brown.

Aroma: Musty oak.

The Tasting

Arrived in: 500mL Bottle

Served in: Wine Glass

We’ve always been under the impression that cherries, raspberries, or blackberries are THE fruit to use in a beer, especially in the funky/wild ale arena. That’s why we got really excited to see that not only Societe had another bottle in their Feral series ready for release in the fall, but The Savage was also aged on cherries. Double score.

The Savage poured a murky reddish brown color, but still clear enough to notice massive amounts of effervescence bubbling along the edge of the glass. For the style, we were surprised at how resilient of a topper it poured. Eventually it calmed down into a thin off-white layer of creamy froth to draw from.

Some beer drinkers can really hammer home their tasting notes when it comes to aroma. Maybe our olfactories are broken, or just not geeky enough, since we didn’t really get much cherry tartness on the nose. It was mostly damp, musty oak and grape must, but we definitely enjoyed taking whiffs of that funky woodiness nonetheless.

For being a savage, this wild ale’s dark base was quite smooth up front. Right as it neared the finish, its champagne-like effervescence kicked in as it unleashed its fruity tartness. It might be a “sour”, but The Savage really offered an enjoyable level of tartness, without getting too vinegary or acidic.

It was so nice to sit back, relax, sip, and savor The Savage’s balance of oaky goodness and tart cherry. We might have to pick up another bottle of this one when The Highbinder (raspberry) is released in the weeks ahead it’s out now to settle that cherry vs raspberry debate once and for all.

Thanks to Societe’s philanthropic holiday endeavors, and the generosity of fellow San Diegans, the brewery has lowered the price of their corktop ferals from $20 a bottle down to $18 for the whole year. Why? Their holiday food drive raised over 23K pounds of food.

Final Score: 4/5

4 Stars

Societe Brewing blended The Savage (and any of their ferals for that matter) into an amazingly balanced wild ale that showcased a mix of earthy tannins and oak from the wine barrels, with the bright tartness of cherry.

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