Fremont Winter Ale

Fremont Brewing - Fremont Winter Ale, an Imperial Winter Ale

Brewed by: Fremont Brewing

Beer Classification and Specs

  • Style: Other Ale
  • Variation: Winter Ale, Imperial (Double)
  • Seasonal: Winter
  • ABV: 8.0%
  • IBU: 60

Brewer’s Notes and Ingredients

This is a tasty Winter Ale to snuggle up to, released for the winter months when snow blankets the terrain of the mind and the body craves warmth and, let’s be honest, it’s dark and wet most of the time so your beer better be damn good. Winter Ale is dark like the weather with roast chocolate and warm malt flavors balanced by Noble hop aroma and subtle hoppy spice. Warm up to it. Because Beer Matters!

Hops: Columbus, Willamette, and Golding

Malts: 2-Row Pale, Munich, C-120, Chocolate, and Carafa 2 malts with Roast Barley

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First Impressions

Artwork: Great Blue Herons are flying above a snowy skyline on a bright blue can.

Color: Dark brown/mahogany, to almost black.

Aroma: Dark roast and chocolate with plum and raisin.

The Tasting

Arrived in: 12oz. can

Served in: Specialty Barrel Aged Glass

Anybody from out of town that ventures into San Diego’s packaged beer market is a brave soul. It can be risky business, but also a great measuring stick as to how good your product truly is. Fremont Brewing from Seattle took that plunge last spring, and their beer has been very well received in town.

We have enjoyed a stout and several of their IPAs (you have to try Lush!), and when all of the holiday ales started landing this Winter Ale caught our eye. The idea of an “Imperial Winter Ale” also had us intrigued…

Fremont Winter Ale was no one trick pony when it came to aromatics. Up front, breadiness, dark roast coffee, and chocolate were predominant, with plum and raisin undertones at the end of each whiff. Such a pleasing and complex aroma to this dark winter ale!

On the palate, this beer offered a multitude of well-rounded flavors. Chocolate was there again up front, with some plum and gingerbread spice that followed. Its dry finish left a lingering roastiness behind.

Fremont Winter Ale was stout-like in appearance with a mahogany to almost black body, and a resilient creamy tan head. It also matched the mouthfeel and creaminess of a stout, making for a deeply satisfying dark ale experience.

This imperial winter ale was the most polished winter warmer we have ever had, and a cut above others in the style we have been calling favorites for years. Some winter ales can taste a little artificial, or heavy handed with candiness or spices, but this one was all natural with a subtlety you could enjoy in every sip.

Our only knock on Fremont Winter Ale was the price. We try to avoid bringing up costs, but this was definitely the most expensive winter warmer we have ever purchased. That being said, we will probably find a way to splurge on it again next winter since it was so damn delicious.

Final Score: 4/5

4 Stars

Fremont Winter Ale, an Imperial Winter Ale, checked all the boxes for us like no other winter warmer ever has. It was very satisfying to sip with complex, yet balanced “winter” notes of chocolate, dark roast, plum, and gingerbread.

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