21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon

Hell or High Watermelon

Brewed by: 21st Amendment Brewery

Beer Classification and Specs

  • Style: American Wheat
  • Variation: Fruit Beer
  • Seasonal: April – September
  • ABV: 4.9%
  • IBU: 17

Brewer’s Notes and Ingredients

Like Lady Liberty, we stand for independence and perseverance. In the pursuit of innovative beer, there is no obstacle too great. No journey too long. No fruit too gigantic. This American wheat beer is brewed with real watermelon, for a flavor that’s surprisingly crisp, dry and refreshing—summer in a can.

Hops: Magnum, Columbus (bittering)

Malts: Two-Row Pale, White Wheat

Yeast: Top Fermenting Ale Yeast

Additional: 100% Pure Fresh Watermelon

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First Impressions

Artwork: Lady Liberty is using the Golden Gate Bridge as a park bench, while a barge filled with watermelon passes underneath.

Color: Iridescent straw color, somewhat opaque.

Aroma: Wheaty, grainy alcohol. Not much watermelon.

The Tasting

Arrived in: Can

Served in: Pilsner Glass

Fruit beers can be hit or miss, and unfortunately they usually miss.

Obviously Hell or High Watermelon is brewed with (drum roll please) — watermelon… This was a fruit beer ingredient we had never heard of being used before, and were looking forward to trying it for that reason.

21st Amendment creates this fruit beer in two steps. First, they brew a traditional American wheat beer as the base. From there, fresh Citrullus lanatus is added for a secondary phase of fermentation, to infuse the watermelon flavor.

Our first observation about Hell or High Watermelon was its really unique, vibrant straw color. With a touch of cloudiness, its wheat influence was definitely apparent.

Hell or High Watermelon poured with a “low” amount of head that quickly disappeared. Its mild carbonation, made it very refreshing, with a smooth mouthfeel.

The beer tasted just like a regular ’ol wheat beer, and then all of a sudden — BAM! You got that pulpy red, juicy watermelon flavor, which faded back to slightly bitter wheat again in the finish.

It was just the right amount of fruit — you knew it was melon, and had a bit of sweet candy-ness to it, but not overly done like a Jolly Rancher. The fruit did not overtake the beer, with just enough flavor as you headed into the finish.

Its refreshability, (our new word) and balance between wheat and fruit was this beers’ selling point. Of course, the melon added to the refreshment factor as well.

Final Score: 3/5

3 Stars

Hell or High Watermelon was an ideal glass tipper for summertime. This one-of-a-kind watermelon beer used the perfect amount of fruit, which helped make the beer so refreshing.

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