Stone Enjoy By 02.14.16 Unfiltered IPA

Stone Brewing Co Enjoy By 02.14.16 Unfiltered IPA

Brewed by: Stone Brewing Co.

Beer Classification and Specs

  • Style: IPA
  • Variation: Unfiltered, Imperial (Double)
  • Limited: Yes
  • ABV: 9.4%
  • IBU: 90

Notes: 02.14.16 was the debut batch of Enjoy by Unfiltered IPA.

Brewer’s Notes and Ingredients

In most cases, skipping a step is a bad thing. Not this time. This version of Stone Enjoy By IPA omits the part where we filter out the extra yeast, hop sediment and proteins that build up in beer as a natural result of the brewing process. Though it may sound like it, this missed step was no misstep. By letting this IPA go unfiltered, its peach and tropical fruit hop flavors are amplified while its golden-hued color takes on a hazy appearance. Like its filtered counterpart, this IPA is brewed specifically NOT to last, and is shipped immediately to ensure hopheads get their hands on it as soon as possible.

Hops: Nugget, Super Galena, Simcoe, Delta, Target, Amarillo, Cascade, Galaxy, Citra, Nelson Sauvin, Motueka, and Helga

Malts: N/A

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First Impressions

Artwork: Follows the Enjoy By branding, with green halftone pattern and “Unfiltered IPA” banner.

Color: Super hazy, burnt yellow to pale orange tone.

Aroma: Loads of peach.

The Tasting

Arrived in: 22oz. Bottle

Served in: Short Tulip

Stone’s latest iteration of Enjoy By goes by “Unfiltered”, which is exactly what it sounds like. An India Pale Ale that has not gone through any fining process to remove excess yeast and sediment before bottling.

One of the best IPAs released out of America’s Finest Beer City in 2015 was Stone’s 19th Anniversary Thunderstruck IPA. Between that special release and Enjoy by Black, you could tell Stone’s new lupulin muse were hops from the Southern Hemisphere, which they utilized again for Enjoy by Unfiltered’s debut.

Those exotic New Zealand and Australian hops would also explain why this IPA’s stone fruit aroma was out of this world. Stone wasn’t kidding when they said leaving the beer unfiltered would produce extra aromatics, since our snifters smelled like a glass of freshly cut peaches.

The appearance of the ale was extremely hazy, with yeast chunks aplenty. It’s amazing how much that “Enjoy By” reassurance will put your mind at ease. Otherwise, based on looks alone, you might have thought you accidentally bought a shelf zombie not guaranteed for ultimate freshness.

With the sediment floating around, Enjoy by 12.14.16 Unfiltered IPA was one of the most full-bodied IPAs we have come across, and really enjoyed that aspect. It was chewier, but the good news was there was no excess malt on the palate, and it still packed the dry, fruity flavors you expect from a West Coast Style IPA.

It started off slightly sweet, like a frothy and fruity blend of tropical goodness, with lasting peach character becoming more dominant. Hints of pine and citrus appeared to bitter out the finish.

We don’t mind a boozy edge to beers, but the finish on this one was a little rough in the beginning. Really, that was our main knock on Enjoy by Unfiltered — it was just too hot. Maybe with a Triple IPA we would expect the heat, but not in a Double. Then again, 9.4% ABV isn’t necessarily a low percentage, is it?

Enjoy by Black still remains our favorite in the series, but stay tuned for the springtime when Stone releases their next addition to their Enjoy by family, Tangerine.

Final Score: 3.5/5

3.5 Stars

Stone Enjoy By 02.14.16 Unfiltered IPA started off like a gin soaked peach, but mellowed as it warmed. This unfined IPA packed plenty of fresh stonefruit aroma and flavor, but we were hoping its supporting cast of other tropical flavors was more prevalent.

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