New Belgium Accumulation White IPA

New Belgium Accumulation White IPA

Brewed by: New Belgium Brewing

Beer Classification and Specs

  • Style: IPA
  • Variation: White
  • Seasonal: Yes
  • ABV: 6.2%
  • IBU: 70

Brewer’s Notes and Ingredients

Flurries of Mosaic and Amarillo hops bring soft fruit and citrus flavor, followed by a layer of bitter in our seasonally suited White IPA.

Hops: Target, Centennial, dry hopped with Mosaic and Amarillo

Malts: Pale, Wheat

Additional: Ale Yeast

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First Impressions

Artwork: Follows the New Belgium brand label template, with a Jetstream trailer parked in a snow bank.

Color: Bright golden iridescent, with touch of cloudiness.

Aroma: Wheat with mild citrus notes.

The Tasting

Arrived in: 12 oz. Bottle

Served in: Goblet

Snow Day was New Belgium’s previous winter seasonal, which was one of their ales Mike truly enjoyed.

Within the last few winters, New Belgium has replaced Snow Day with Accumulation White India Pale Ale — a style that’s atypical to the dark winter beer scene.

Accumulation poured to a finger thick head, which melted off like springtime snow. It was a beautiful, vibrant, iridescent golden color, with a touch of cloudiness from the wheat. Mild carbonation rose through the glass like a reverse snow flurry.

There was not much aroma to Accumulation, but once you tasted it, there were traces of “IPA” in its DNA. Just not much. It was hard to say that Accumulation White IPA lived up to the IPA style, since it was so washed out.

With the addition of Mosaic and Amarillo (dry hopped) you would expect more consistent fruit throughout, or at least more citrus punch in its underwhelming finish.

Winter turned out to be a perfect time to release this IPA, since its mouthfeel was crisp and dry like fresh powder, with bland flavor like a bite of snowball.

We give New Belgium credit for bucking the trend of winter warmers and dark ales with this white India Pale Ale, but it was just too boring of a beer for the holidays.

Final Score: 2.5/5

2.5 Stars

Accumulation White IPA was average at best, and that score might be a “gift.” With the volume of monthly Untappd check-ins, and being ranked a “Global Top Beer”, we were expecting something better out of this one.

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