Modern Times Booming Rollers

Modern Times Beer - Booming Rollers Hoppy • Citra • IPA

Brewed by: Modern Times Beer

Beer Classification and Specs

  • Style: IPA
  • Variation: American
  • Seasonal: March – May
  • ABV: 6.8%
  • IBU: 75

Brewer’s Notes and Ingredients

Booming Rollers is a showcase for the juicy awesomeness of Citra hops. These new wave American hops impart a remarkable aroma and flavor, which we’ve amplified with the dark stone fruit character of New Zealand-grown Motueka hops. Some Centennial is thrown in to balance the tropical fruit party, and the malt body is just assertive enough to support Booming Rollers’ snappy bitterness. It’s a party in your mouth and all the beautiful people are invited.

Hops: Citra, Motueka, Centennial

Malts: Two Row, Carapils, Crystal 10, Wheat

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First Impressions

Artwork: Follows the Modern Times Beer can branding with royal blue font, and black / navy / blue racing stripes.

Color: Golden, or as the can says 6 SRM.

Aroma: Loads of pineapple over a hint of malt.

The Tasting

Arrived in: 16oz. Can

Served in: Official Modern Times tulip

Whenever possible, Modern Times Beer likes to name the delicious fruits of their labor after “utopian experiments and mythological utopias.” But when it comes to this special release, we have never even bothered Googling the term “Booming Rollers” to see what it means, because it might spoil our own meaning.

To us, Booming Rollers was named after those big, slow building, yet  totally cruiseable waves that are perfect for longboarding. Only in this case, those easygoing sets are chest-high waves of Citra, since that’s exactly how Booming Rollers goes down. It was a mellow longboard ride that kept giving juicy bottom turns and tasty edge cuts, until we reached the shore.

Booming Rollers poured a fairly clear golden color, transparent enough to see the racing stripes on the opposite side of the glass. A tall stack of foam slowly faded away, leaving plenty of residual froth behind. Its carbonation was not necessarily lazy, but stayed on the calmer side, which added to this ale’s creaminess.

With most of the head out the way, it became easier to experience the full aromatic potential of Booming Rollers. There were hints of malt and grain, but what really came through was tropical fruit. Shoving our faces into the extra large tulip glasses was like inhaling a bowl of freshly cut pineapple.

Just like the aroma, this ale’s flavor was loaded with slow rolling, fruit juiciness. It started off in the tropics with pineapple and papaya, followed by plenty of citrus the rest of the way. It was amazing how perfectly even and lasting both fruit hop profiles were right up into the finish — like a yin and yang of tropical and citrus.

The finish wasn’t overly dry, allowing more of that epic nectar to slowly evaporate off our palates, leaving a hint of lip smacking pineapple behind. Booming Rollers offered a firm bitterness, yet all the juicy fruit goodness was not completely overtaken. With such a mellow fruitiness, you would never even guess this IPA packed 75 IBUs.

We love the IBU escalation game, but it seems that most breweries are moving beyond that now. Instead, opting to coax more tranquil and harmonious fruit flavors out of the exotic hops they get to brew with. That is what Modern Times did here, and they executed it flawlessly.

When the can brags “Hoppy • Citra • IPA”, odds are you won’t be disappointed. During Booming Rollers season, it’s the only time of year Blazing World sales are down in our household. This is one of our favorite IPAs, and we are 100% confident you will love it too.

Final Score: 5/5

5 Stars

Modern Times Booming Rollers was a 16 ounce set of mellow and tangy Citra waves. Hop heads could appreciate this delicate work of lupulin art as much as a craft newcomer could find this IPA totally approachable.

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