Beer Camp Across America 2014: Part Two

Beer Camp Across America 2014: Brewed in Mills River, NC half

Brewed by: Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

In collaboration with the following breweries:

  • Russian River Brewing Company: Yvan The Great Belgian Style Pale
  • Allagash Brewing Company: Myron’s Walk Belgian Style Pale Ale
  • 3 Floyds Brewing Co.: Chico King Pale Ale
  • Asheville Brewers Alliance: Tater Ridge Scottish Ale
  • Victory Brewing Company: Alt Route Altbier
  • Bell’s Brewery, Inc.: Maillard’s Odyssey Imperial Dark Ale

Brewer’s Notes

Beer Camp Across America is a tribute to the art, and sometimes absurd ambition, of American craft beer. This unprecedented variety pack is a celebration of our collective spirit: 12 different collaboration beers brewed alongside 12 exceptional brewers, together showcasing the sense of pride and passion shared by craft brewers nationwide.

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Beer Camp Across America 2014 — Part Two: Mills River, NC Half

In case you missed Beer Camp Across America 2014: Part One, we divided the Beer Camp Across America pack into two halves for review. Welcome to Part Two, the Mills River, NC half.

Since Mills River was a brand new facility, we were surprised all of the beers weren’t brewed there, as a way for everyone else to check out the new digs. But logistically, it made sense for the midwestern and east coasters involved.

We had lofty expectations for this variety pack, and our first session left us feeling a little bit underwhelmed.

Luckily, this half of the case did not disappoint. Not only was it the best of box, but also featured the best beer overall.

The Tasting(s)

We tasted these as a 6 beer flight, in order from lightest style, to darkest.

  • Yvan the Great: 3.5/5

    3.5 Stars

    Style / Variation: Belgian Style Pale

    Sierra and Russian River collaboration – like it could be bad. Very crisp and fruity. The Belgian yeast pulled through with grapefruit, followed by apple and pear in the finish.

  • Myron’s Walk: 3/5

    3 Stars

    Style / Variation: Belgian Style Pale Ale

    Another Belgian, but a bit heavier than the last, with more of a hop profile. There were less fruit overtones, and we didn’t really pick up any coriander. Ridiculously smooth, buttery mouthfeel.

  • Chico King 3/5

    3 Stars

    Style / Variation: Pale Ale

    The most anticipated beer of the box. We had never tried 3 Floyd’s Zombie Dust, but heard it may be better than Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. A malty, heartier pale ale, with a zesty citrus finish. It was a good beer, but fell short of our lofty expectations for excessive hop levels.

  • Tater Ridge: 3.5/5

    3.5 Stars

    Style / Variation: Style

    Mike hates sweet potatoes, but in an experiment of open minded-ness, this could be one of his favorites of the box. We didn’t get any red or scottish influence – more like a brown ale. The sweet tater flavor was missing up front, but came through in the finish.

  • Alt Route: 3/5

    3 Stars

    Style / Variation: Style

    Good old fashioned (and traditional) dark ale. It had a sweetness to it, almost like a touch of molasses. We enjoyed the ale darkness, with the lager style body.

  • Maillard’s Odyssey: 4/5

    4 Stars

    Style / Variation: Style

    The champion of the box, and that goes for either half. “Dark ale” can be many things, this one seemed closest to a roasted, creamy porter. It featured espresso aroma with toasted malt and licorice in the finish.

The Power Rankings

Ranked in order by score, with overall enjoyment as the tie-breaker:

  1. Maillard’s Odyssey
  2. Tater Ridge
  3. Yvan the Great
  4. Chico King
  5. Myron’s Walk
  6. Alt Route

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