Stone Cold Steve Austin Talks IPAs

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin and his Broken Skull IPA photo by John Verive

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin, aka “The Texas Rattlesnake” made himself famous as a WWE wrestler not only with his catchphrases, but by bathing himself in cheap domestic beer atop the turnbuckle after each win. He even hosed down his mortal enemies with a beer truck one time, and the crowd always threw him cans of fizzy yellow stuff to guzzle in celebration.

For that reason, I had never pegged him as a craft beer drinker outside the ring, but a while back he started posting pics of San Diego beers like Green Flash, or Belching Beaver on Twitter, usually with a comment along the lines of “damn good beer.” WOW, how cool — Stone Cold Steve Austin likes craft beer!

Not only that, but in collaboration with El Segundo Brewing Company, he just released his own beer, Steve Austin’s Broken Skull IPA, named after his ranch in Texas:

A bad-ass 6.7% IPA designed by Steve Austin and ESBC for the working man & woman. It features Citra, Cascade, and Chinook hops to deliver big flavor with an easy finish. Now stop reading and start enjoying this awesome beer! Cheers! ~ Steve

John Verive’s article is worth a read for any wrestling fan (current or former), but also touches on how the Broken Skull IPA came to be, and how Stone Cold’s palate for hops developed over time.

You can read the full story at: Stone Cold Steve Austin Talks IPAs :: Drink :: Features :: Paste

Header image photo by: John Verive

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