Sierra Nevada’s New Hop Hunter IPA is Like No Other Beer in Its Class

Sierra Nevada’s New Hop Hunter IPA is Like No Other Beer in Its Class

Would you like to be able to drink wet hopped beer year round? Thanks to Sierra Nevada’s newest brewing innovation, that dream is now a reality!

Hop Hunter IPA will debut in February, and it’s brewed with distilled hop oils. Ken Grossman noticed a Yakima farmer was able to extract fresh mint oils from his crop of mint, and asked him to attempt the process with hops:

During the harvest season of 2012, the farmer took a trailer to the hops fields. This trailer was filled with freshly-picked hops cones, then immediately connected to a steam machine. As the steam filled the enclosed trailer and its heat hit the wet cones, the hops’ oils were distilled into a “vapor.” (Hop cones are composed of about 1-3% oil by weight.) Once all of these oils had been extracted and vaporized, the vapors moved into a condenser where they cooled back into a highly-concentrated liquid and then were collected.

After three years of experimenting, and one custom hops vaporizor trailer later, we will have our first wet hop beer that’s fresh year round. I am sure Sierra Nevada has already patented this game changing technology.

And speaking of patenting, Lagunitas filed a trademark infringement complaint against Sierra Nevada for its new Hop Hunter artwork. They have since dropped the claim.

You can read the full story about Hop Hunter IPA at: Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter IPA Announcement – Sierra Nevada Wet Hops Beer – Esquire

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