Port Brewing Company’s New Brand — The Hop Concept

The Hop Concept - Hop Freshener Series

Yesterday, Port Brewing Company announced a 3rd brand will be joining their Port Brewing and The Lost Abbey labels.

The Hop Concept is set to debut in early 2015, with a limited series of IPAs dubbed the “The Hop Freshener Series.” Here’s what their official website has to say about it:

The Hop Concept was born from the desire to simplify the craft beer experience by boiling it down to its most basic elements: Flavor and aroma. Every beer we make will stay true to this vision by exploring unique hop combinations that bring out their most prominent characteristics. Look for our Hop Freshener Series in early 2015. Cheers!

Each of the 4 India Pale Ales in the series will release quarterly, so Port is obviously being mindful of the freshness movement with IPAs.

The Hop Freshener Series schedule is: February — Dank & Sticky, April — Citrus & Piney, August — Lemon & Grassy, and November — Tropical & Fruity.

These all sound great to us! Nothing better than some extremely fresh, and experimental IPAs…

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