Mission Brewery Debuts Blackbeard’s Crew

Mission Brewery Debuts Blackbeard’s Crew

Aside from the limited wait-in-line brewery exclusive releases, the other emerging craft beer sales model of choice has become the membership, or bottle club. These programs often include exclusive members-only bottles, purchase ahead of the general public benefits, or a chance to increase allocation.

Blackbeard’s Crew

Last week Mission Brewery debuted their own club platform, aptly named Blackbeard’s Crew to fit their pirate/conquistador branding. Their foray into membership seems to be a hybrid of a premium growler club, and a smaller scale bottle plan.

A membership into Blackbeard’s Crew includes the following loot:

  • 64oz custom engraved Hydroflask
  • Four (4) limited release 22oz bottles per year
  • Four (4) limited release pint glasses per year
  • Four (4) growler fills per year (one per quarter)
  • Limited edition pin to identify you as a member
  • Free monthly pizza party with other members
  • 20% off beer to go, all the time!
  • 25% off growler fills on Mondays and Wednesdays
  • Pre-sale tickets to 2017 events (including our 10 Year Anniversary Party and our 5th Annual Halloween Party)
  • The opportunity to drink fresh, craft beer straight from the tank while taking a private tour with one of our brewers
  • The opportunity to help out with “Blackbeard’s Crew Casks” throughout the year

A Real Bargain

Once Mission announced this new program, we did some quick math and realized what a bargain Blackbeard’s Crew truly was. We always seem to drink Mission beer more during baseball season, so between the friendly price tag and being downtown more, why not?

A $65 Hydroflask, plus 4 free fills, is close to $125. On top of that, there’s a quarterly special release bomber and pint glass. Those bombers push the cost right up to the $150 asking price, and then Mission threw in a cool looking pirate pin and some pizza for good measure.

Another benefit — or perhaps built in savings — is that there aren’t any additional bottles outside of what’s already included to be purchased through Blackbeard’s Crew. Other memberships can lead to exorbitant costs by tempting you into purchasing other limited bottles not included in the allotment.

Here you don’t need to keep paying for things because all benefits are already valued in. If you like their quarterly bomber that much, Mission Brewery is giving you the added perk of 20% off any beers to go, whether you’re refilling that double-walled growler or grabbing packaged beer out of the fridge. Who knows, we might even try our hand at a cask sometime…

You can view more details and purchase your own Blackbeard’s Crew membership on EventBrite. Follow Mission Brewery on social media: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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