Lucasfilm Objects to ‘Strikes Bock’ Beer Trademark

Two of my favorite things are beer and Star Wars. So it’s a bummer to see Lucasfilm (now that Disney owns them) opposing Empire Brewing Company’s attempt to trademark one of their beer names.

“Strikes Bock” is Empire’s spring maibock, and that’s one of the most clever beer names I have ever heard. Apparently Disney does not see it that way:

“Applicant’s EMPIRE STRIKES BOCK mark is virtually identical in sound, appearance, and connotation to Lucasfilm’s THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK mark, differing by only one letter in the respective last words ‘BOCK’ and ‘BACK,’ and the initial word ‘THE,’” the complaint explains. “Lucasfilm has a long history of using such marks for food and beverages, including wine. The fact that consumers have been exposed to and accustomed to seeing Lucasfilm’s STAR WARS Film Franchise marks in connection with food and beverages, including wine, increases the already existing likelihood of confusion.”

Empire is now striking back, with their own video stating their case. Hope that Stormtrooper in the background brews beer better than he shoots:

You can read the full story at: Lucasfilm Objects to ‘Strikes Bock’ Beer Trademark – Hollywood Reporter

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