Jeremy Warren announces new project, Revision Brewing Company

Jeremy Warren announces new project, Revision Brewing Company

In early July brewmaster of Knee Deep Brewing Company, Jeremy Warren (formerly) aka “The Hoptologist”, shocked the craft beer community with a surprise announcement he was leaving the company he founded. Effective August 3rd, Warren would resign, to embark on a new project.

Fast forward a month later, and all lupulin-lusters can finally rejoice. Warren’s official announcement detailing his new project was recently posted to Facebook:

Revision Brewing Company was formed in August of 2015 when Jeremy Warren, Founder and Brewmaster of Knee Deep Brewing Company chose to pursue a new avenue of creativity and excellence in craft beer.

So there you have it — Revision Brewing Company. They are looking to begin production in January of 2016, and distribute throughout California, Nevada, and Washington to start. It’s also worth noting the meaning of the word “revision” behind the company name:

Revision definition: noun - the action of revising

It sounds like Warren has re-discovered his roots, and embraces this new opportunity to redefine his award-winning craft from the ground up. What will Doctor Lupulin’s new focus be? In an interview with the SacBee, Warren did provide some insight into the new brewery plans, which include his trademark aggressively hop-forward IPAs, along with sours, and a barrel-aging program.

You can read more of Jeremy Warren’s interview in the SacBee here: Beer Run: Jeremy Warren on why he’s leaving Knee Deep | The Sacramento Bee.

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