How the West Coast-Style IPA Conquered the World

Erin Mosbaugh at First We Feast wrote a fantastic article about the evolution of the West Coast Style IPA:

A brief history of the brash, take-no-prisoners beer style that has come to define American craft brewing’s thirst for the extreme—plus, the 10 most influential West Coast IPAs of all time.

Her story begins with Anchor Brewing’s role in brewing Liberty Ale, the first west coast ale dry hopped with Cascade hops. Sierra Nevada followed suit several years later, with the debut of their iconic Pale Ale. Vinnie Cilurzo from Blind Pig Brewing Company (now Russian River fame), is credited with throwing down the hop gauntlet, and creating the first ever Double IPA, Blind Pig Inaugural Ale.

Meanwhile in San Diego, brewers like Pizza Port, Stone, Ballast Point, and Green Flash were experiencing a hops arms race, constantly trying to push the IBU numbers higher. In an effort to keep things fresh, new hop varietals were used, as well as innovative brewing methods. Now the craft beer industry has arrived at a point where the West Coast Style IPA is pretty much the default, as evidenced with its spread to Europe.

Erin’s article was very informative, and well worth reading for any craft beer drinker. It also included a Top 10 list of the beers that helped to define the West Coast Style IPA.

You can read the full story at: How the West Coast-Style IPA Conquered the World | First We Feast.

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