Catching Up with Jeremy Warren of Revision Brewing Company: They’re Getting Ready to Open

Catching Up with Jeremy Warren of Revision Brewing Company: They’re Getting Ready to Open

Back in the summer of 2015, Jeremy Warren shocked the craft beer community with a surprise announcement he was leaving the brewery he founded, Knee Deep Brewing Co. Since then, he’s been working hard to open his own new operation, Revision Brewing Company in Sparks, Nevada.

Hop heads can all rejoice, as Jeremy will be pounding tastebuds with his lupulin-laden creations once again very soon. With Jeremy at the helm, and Knee Deep holdover Jeb Taylor as Head Brewer, Revision knocked out their first batch of beer last week.

Bottling is now underway, with a soft opening of the tasting room planned within the next few weeks. The weekend of May 6-7 marks the grand opening of the brewery in Sparks, Nevada (380 S. Rock Blvd.)

We recently had an opportunity for a brief interview with CEO and Brewmaster Jeremy Warren. We learned quite a bit about what the craft beer drinker can expect from Revision Brewing Company right out of the gate, as well as other plans moving forward.

Q & A with Jeremy Warren

You were originally looking to open Revision Brewing Company in Sacramento, California. How did you eventually locate to Sparks, Nevada?

After many months searching for the perfect location we found what seemed to be the perfect location in West Sacramento, CA. The City of West Sacramento welcomed us with open arms and did everything they could to help us in getting a conditional use permit, navigating the different departments and was even going to loan us some funds to help with our equipment costs. Then we hit a major snag. The building owners dragged out negotiations for the building for almost 4 to 5 months. In the end, they did not want us there and we couldn’t accept their conditions as it would have put RBC in a very bad position.

Once we decided to walk away from the West Sacramento deal, I called a meeting with all the founders and said, “I think we should go look at buildings in Reno and Sparks, NV.” This is where I founded Knee Deep Brewing. The very first building we looked at turned out to be the location RBC choose to build its home and it only took us about two weeks to negotiate a deal with the building owner. The cool part of this deal is we call it the “full circle” as the very first business license I had received when I founded Knee Deep was in Sparks, NV. It’s pretty cool.

Revision Brewing Company is a proud owner of a Premier Stainless System. What are the specs for your new brewhouse? How much beer do you anticipate producing before the year is over?

We decided to install a 3-vessel 20-barrel brew system with a 60 barrel HLT and CLT. We also purchased enough fermentation vessels to produce approximately 8,000 barrels of packaged beer. After all the delays, I’m pretty optimistic that we will produce around 5500 barrels this year.

You recently got the green light to brew beer. What was the first batch?

We decided to brew a few batches of a hoppy pale ale for the first batches as this would allow us to dial in the system while creating some hoppy goodness. The first tank of hoppy pale will be the first release of our Skunkwerks Experimental program if everything works out well.

India Pale Ales currently comprise all of your “Year Round” beers. Are you aiming to immediately please all the hopheads who gravitate towards your heavily hopped IPAs, or will other styles be added in the future?

One thing I love is hoppy beers so we decided to launch with some pretty killer IPA’s for our year-round releases, but will also be focusing our Project Humulus Lupulus beer that will be released four times a year. This allows us to brew other style of beers, but still focusing on hops. Some of the releases in 2017 include Hoppy as Helles Lager, Xertz Session Style Ale and some more pale ales. Keep an eye out for our Skunkwerks Experimental releases that will focus on many different beer styles. We will also be focusing on barrel aging (blending) as well. Make sure to check out our website for updates.

“Project Humulus Lupus” looks like it will be a rotating series of hop-driven ales and lagers. Is that a “one-and-done” for each release in the series, or will popular bottles be brought back? What frequency will new beers appear? (monthly, quarterly, etc?)

Beers that we brew under the Project Humulus Lupulus label are a “one-and-done”, but could make a comeback if they we received well. For example, if our Leafy Greens does what we think it will, it could either be brewed once a year or potentially become a core brand. You never know what will be your leading brands will be.

Will you ever brew a hazy/cloudy/New England Style IPA, or is West Coast the best coast in your IPA (recipe) book?

Oh ya. After traveling to Brooklyn, NY with my business partner and getting to hang out at Other Half and Interboro Spirits & Ales I walked away craving a new flavor. I was really impressed on how well they brew the hazy IPA’s in Brooklyn and cannot wait to start brewing a few of our own. For those that enjoy the haze, don’t get too excited as we will only sell these in cans at the brewery and with only limited local distribution as that much yeast in a package does scare me.

One reason you cited in your departure from Knee Deep was a desire to get into other aspects of brewing like barrel aged/sour beer. Your new facility looks massive, so was it selected to offer extra room for barrels or foudres? Can you offer any insight on future plans for barrel aged and sour programs?

You’re correct. One of the factors in selecting our brewery location did have to do with having space for our barrel aging program. Our goal is to use about 4000 SF for our barrels and more if there is a demand for the barrel age blends. We are currently looking for a second warehouse not too far from the brewery for our sour program. We’ll dabble with some kettle sours at our main facility, but will get down with the funk at the sour facility. We just need to get the mothership running smoothly and then we’ll focus our attention on the sours.

While working to get your brewery open, it looked like you also made several trips to other breweries for collaborations. What were they? Besides Pizza Port, what San Diego breweries would be a dream collaboration for you in the future?

Thank goodness for the awesome breweries that collaborated with us during this long road to opening a brewery as Jeb and I love brewing and its was a great way for us to get to brew and keep our feet wet. During our build-out journey we collaborated with Bike Dog Brewing, Track 7 Brewing, Altamont Beer Works, Triple Voodoo Brewing and Pizza Port Brewing. Some of my dream collaborations in the San Diego area would be with Stone Brewing, Modern Times, Coronado Brewing and Ale Smith. This would be rad.

Many brewers find music to be mandatory while brewing. What are 3 go-to albums of yours?

While brewing Jeb’s album would be Sex Machine by James Brown and I would have to rock out to all the AC/DC albums and some Yellow Claw. Nothing beats dancing around while brewing.

What is your all-time favorite hop to work with, and why?

I have many favorites, by my all-time go to hop is CITRA. Very powerful, flavorful and aromatic hop. It can do wonders in beer.

What is Revision’s distribution footprint at opening, and when will your beer land in San Diego?

RBC current distribution footprint is California, Nevada, New York, Georgia and North Carolina and our San Diego distribution partner should be getting beer sometime in April/May.

You can visit the official Revision Brewing Company site here. Follow them on social media: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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