Burgeon Beer Co is Putting Down New Roots with Limited Can Releases

Burgeon Beer Co is Putting Down New Roots with Canned Releases

Last fall Burgeon Beer Co opened its doors, and hit the ground running to rave reviews among the San Diego craft beer community. Thanks to generous friends sharing growlers, and our own trip up to Carlsbad, we can attest to the amazing beers that Burgeon has been brewing.

As the San Diego craft landscape shifts to more localized neighborhood draft-only operations, we feel Burgeon could be one of the last local breweries with the potential to grow into full scale production. They definitely have the room for it, and the demand is already there for their beer.

So what’s the next logical step in their burgeoning? Cans, of course.

Q & A on Burgeon Can Releases

Burgeon Beer Co’s first run of pint cans will be available this Saturday, and we had a chance to sit down with them beforehand to get the scoop on this release and their future plans in packaged beer.

Are you treating this as a wait-in-line special release on Saturday?

Yes. We are hoping to sell out all of the beer on Saturday. If not, it will continue to be available during normal business hours. It’s our first release, so we’re not sure what to expect.

Did you use a mobile canning service, or have you already purchased a canning line?

We used Mobile West canning service. They were here on Wednesday, and had a record canning day. They said this beer “loves to be in a can.”

It must have been difficult, but how did you arrive at your decision as to what your first 2 canned beers were going to be?

Our customer base requested it. The most asked about beers we had on tap were Citrasmella and Everybody’s Juicin’.

Will you be canning something different the next run? We wouldn’t complain about Treevana or Mixed Greens.

Yes. The next run will be Mixed Greens and Universal Secret. Treevana might be in the next release after that.

What are your general plans for packaged beer in the future? Do you eventually have your eye on a set of core offerings that could always be available at the brewery, or even hit distribution?

We’re going to try and continue to do a monthly canning release. Demand will dictate if we do it more often than that. For the foreseeable future, the cans will be available at the brewery as we keep an eye on sales. Down the road we’d love to have our own canning line if we can afford it, when we’d look for distribution out of house at that point.

Tasting Notes

Here’s the tasting notes for each beer in the initial release. The branding on these cans turned out amazing. Their logo with fluorescent gradients on the white background really pops!

Citrasmella Northeast Style Pale Ale — 6.0% / 29 IBU

Ripe melon and canteloupe take over the aroma of this beautifully golden, hazy pale. Big tropical notes of guava and mango lead way into a soft and delicate mouthfeel. We loaded this beer with Citra and Denali to provide a very unique new age hop combo.

Everybody’s Juicin’ Northeast Style IPA — 7.1% / 41 IBU

Papaya, apricot, peach and mango jump out of the glass! This beer exhibits an amazing marriage of Nelson Sauvin and Citra hops with a truly unique yeast train hailing from Vermont.

Release Details

Citrasmella and Everybody’s Juicin’ will be available on Saturday May 13th at noon (12:00PM) in the Burgeon Beer Co tasting room. Both beers are sold in 4 packs of pint cans and retail for $18 each including tax.

There is a limit of 1 case of each beer, per person. You might want to get there sooner than later because we think these will go fast.

Get updates on this sale and future releases by following Burgeon Beer Co on social media: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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