Urge Gastropub’s 6th Anniversary Event

Urge Gastropub 6th Anniversary

Time flies when it comes to amazing food and beer lists!

It’s hard to believe it, but Urge Gastropub is coming up on their 6th anniversary already. They will be celebrating throughout the weekend of July 29-31, and you don’t want to miss it!

Anniversary parties are always a fun time, especially when they’re craft beer related, but Urge is really upping the stakes for this year’s special occasion. Here’s some standout beer geek exclusives for the event:

  • AleSmith Speedway Stout aged in 20 Year Pappy Van Winkle barrels. Need we say more?
  • AleSmith Velvet Speedway (*** exclusive to VIP Package). Did you miss out on this one last year? Here’s another chance to try it.
  • AleSmith Velvet Echo. Similar to above, only with vanilla and Mostra Fortissimo Espresso Cold Brew added, then aged in 23 year old Evan Williams barrels.
  • Pure Project Oni. Urge’s head chef Chuy helped brew this beer, a Triple IPA brewed with rice and Sorachi Ace hops.
  • Your Goat, a sour ale collaboration between Urge’s own Mason Ale Works and Saint Archer.

Now what kind of food do you pair with beers like that? The Oni is meant to be enjoyed alongside this year’s Anniversary Burger created by chef Chuy. This decadent monster of a burger includes a wasabi rubbed Kobe beef patty with pickled veggies, hoisin duck confit, spiced wontons, and topped with a poached duck egg.

For the adventurous food dare crowd, be prepared to sign a waiver in order to dig into the Ghost Wings. The sauce is not only made with Ghost chilies, but Carolina Reapers, which are even higher on the Scoville scale. Good luck!

Be sure to tune into San Diego Beer Talk Radio this Monday (7/25) for a complete rundown of this celebratory weekend at Urge!

You can also check Urge’s official website for further details.  *** Purchase VIP Packages for the event here.

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