Modern Times Beer Hella Tight Bay Area Beersplosion

Modern Times Beer Hella Tight Bay Area Beersplosion

Event Information

When: May 17, 2015

Where: Modern Times Beer — The Lomaland Fermentorium

About Event

To celebrate their recent launch into the Bay Area market, Modern Times Beer planned a very special event back at home in San Diego. Here’s their official event announcement:

Modern Times presents the Hella Tight Bay Area Beersplosion! To celebrate our launch in San Francisco, we decided to bring back some of the tastiest new kegs NorCal has to offer. On May 17th, we’ll be pouring beer from some heavy hitting Bay Area young gunz, and you’re invited! Cellarmaker, Sante Adairius, Almanac, Fieldwork, Magnolia, Faction, and Altamont are all sending down rad beers for your drinking pleasure, and we’ll be filling out the line-up with some siiiiick new creations of our own.

Hella Tight Bay Area Beersplosion Recap

Modern Times’ Hella Tight Bay Area Beersplosion was a paid event. The $40 ticket bought each attendee 10 tasters, served out of a sweet commemorative take-home taster glass. You can check the pics above, and any Bay Area native should approve (Mike sure did) of the oversized all caps “HELLA” in fancy gold lettering.

The whole selling point to this event for us, was the chance to sample Bay Area beers we don’t normally have access to — all at once, nice and fresh. Several breweries on this list had been recommended by friends up north, so we couldn’t pass up this opportunity.

Modern Times contributed 2 variations of Monsters’ Park to the festivities (Batch Number 1 and Bourbon Barrel Aged w/ Coffee), along with a new double IPA. These were the guest beers on tap:

  • Cellarmaker Brewing Company: No Control Pale Ale
  • Sante Adairius Rustic Ales: Farmhouse Noir
  • Fieldwork Brewing Company: Torrential DIPA
  • Magnolia Pub and Brewery: Branthill ESB
  • Faction Brewing: Spring IPA
  • Almanac Beer Co.: Devil’s Advocate
  • Altamont Beer Works: Dank Row IPA

We looked forward to Altamont and Faction the most, but thought both of those IPAs left something to be desired. Maybe they were overhyped by friends as being very hoppy, but the table next to us shared the same opinion. You can read some quick notes on other tastings below.

We had a chance to meet one of the Modern Times brewers, Keith aka @theveganbrewer, who was kind enough to elaborate on something we always wanted to know: Modern Times is a vegan brewery, but we never understood how water, hops, and grains were NOT vegan.

He explained that Modern Times does not use isinglass for fining, which is typically produced from the swim bladders of fish. Just in case anybody else was wondering what constitutes vegan beer…

Cheers to Modern Times for not only hosting, but the A+ manner they handled the Beersplosion ticketing. They did an excellent job with the total number sold, since there was hardly any waiting in line for a new taster. A minute at the most, which is nothing for a beer event.

The tear off wristbands and numbered beer menu also helped speed the ordering process. Just hand over your glass to the beertender, with the pull-tab number you wanted from the tap list.

The event was a bit more expensive than we were hoping, but the crowd control was definitely worth it. There’s a good chance Modern Times Beer will host similar events in the future, and we look forward to those.

We had a hella good time sampling beer from outside the area, but the best beers of the day belonged to our local favorite, Modern Times.

Exclusives on Tap

Besides the two variations of Monsters’ Park, these were out favorite selections of the day. We’re starting to enjoy sours more and more:

  • Devil’s Advocate: 3.5/5

    3.5 Stars

    Part of Almanac’s Farm to Barrel series. This sour ale was bretted, aged in wine barrels, and dry hopped with Nelson hops before bottling. It started like a hoppy sessionable ale, but quickly and sourly, reminded us to sip slower.

  • Farmhouse Noir (Batch 2): 3.5/5

    3.5 Stars

    Sante Adairius Rustic Ales sent down a dark saison aged in oak barrels. Right when the earthy, traditional farmhouse funk was about to take off, its ample tartness kicked in for the finish.

  • Hooloomooloo IIPA Dry: 4/5


    Modern Times’ specialty creation for the event, with juicy melon and tropical fruit from the Ella, Summer, and Galaxy hops. Its 10% ABV was well hidden. We enjoyed it on cask, but would have loved a kegged taster — just to compare.

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