Lagunitas Release: The Waldos’ Special Ale

Lagunitas Release: The Waldos’ Special Ale

Event Information

When: April 20, 2014

Where: Lagunitas Taproom

About Event

The Waldos’ Special Ale (aka Waldo’s 420) is an annual Lagunitas Brewing Company special release.

This on-tap-only exclusive ale is celebrated on the same date every year — 4/20. The Waldos’ Special Ale is brewed as a tribute to the Waldos, who originated the term 420. You can learn more about that story with this video.

We couldn’t find any information on the 2014 recipe, but here’s what went into the 2013 edition, just to give you an idea of how heavily hopped this ale is:

This year clocks in at 84.20 IBUs and 10.5% ABV. Murkily un-filtered and mysteriously mixed with some unique grains, malted rye, oats and spelt (a type of wheat, spelled just like that). Next, we Dry Hopped with experimental varieties HBC366, Australian Galaxy, and its usual Simcoe and Mosaic (which went into last year’s Waldo as HBC369). Altogether, 2013 Waldos’ Special is super skunky and resinous. Someone likened it to licking your lips after your first hit of a freshie …whatever that means. At approximately 9 pounds per barrel of hops, we’re sure it’s probably a good thing. Cheers to all you treasure hunters!

The Waldo’s 420 Ale Release Recap

Luckily we were up in the Bay Area when The Waldos’ Special Ale was released.

After Easter dinner we made it into the Lagunitas Taproom right before closing, just in the nick of time to get a glass of this beastly IPA. And quickly another, since it was so damn delicious.

Just like Dave Chappelle said when portraying Rick James — “It’s the stickiest of the icky.” This was one of the best IPAs we have ever had.

  • Waldo’s 420: 5/5

    5 Stars

    Waldos’ Special Ale featured looming hop aroma, with both pine and citrus. This beautiful orange-ish to copper colored IPA left behind quite a bit of lacing in the snifter. It was mildly malted, yet sweet to start, which let the intensity of dank and sticky, resinous hops take over into the bitter finish. It left us smacking our lips after each sip, for more of this powerful hop bomb of an IPA.

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