Ballast Point Victory at Sea Day 2014

Victory at Sea Day 2014

Event Information

When: Sunday December 21, 2014

Where: All 4 Ballast Point locations

About Event

“It’s the darkest day of the year”

This all day event was the 3rd annual celebration of Ballast Point’s Victory at Sea Imperial Porter.

To properly honor this coffee and vanilla infused, monster of a porter, Ballast Point brewed up 15 different variations of the ale. Nitro and barrel aged editions aside, their experimental flavor creations ran the gamut from mole, to cherry and raisin, and candy like Almond Joy or peppermint. You can see the whole list below in the pictures.

Your $25 ticket to Victory at Sea Day bought you:

  • A commemorative Victory at Sea goblet
  • Five 4oz. tasters included
Victory at Sea Day 2014 Recap

With the event happening at all four Ballast Point locations, we went old school, and chose Scripps Ranch. It’s more roomy than Home Brew Mart, and would definitely be less crowded than everyone wanting to see their shiny new Miramar digs.

We can’t say Scripps was any more packed than during a regular weekend, but the tear-off wristband tabs for each taste sped the ordering process up. The real problem was choosing which of the 5 variations to have…

Luckily we had a group of four, so in some cases there was some passing going on, or “I’ll get this one, you get that one.” Between the group, we’re pretty sure the whole board got covered.

Victory at Sea is our favorite porter — a bulletproof 5/5, and until proven differently, we think best on the market today. So from our standpoint, the whole exercise of the day was to see which of these exciting flavor variations could actually improve upon perfection.

Exclusives on Tap

These were each of our favorite Victory at Sea variations tasted during the event:

  • Candy Cane Victory at Sea: 5/5

    5 Stars

    Mike’s favorite of the day, which was infused with peppermint. Its base coffee and vanilla flavors took a back seat, but there was just enough mint to not be too overpowering.

  • Maple Bourbon Victory at Sea: 5/5

    5 Stars

    This was mom’s pick, which she preferred over the straight up Bourbon Barrel variation. Artisan maple syrup was used along with bourbon soaked oak for sticky sweetness.

  • Almond Joy Victory at Sea: 5/5

    5 Stars

    Sara’s favorite candy bar is Almond Joy, so no surprise this was her pick of the day. It was a balanced blend of roast and sweet coconut.

  • Nitro Victory at Sea: 5/5

    5 Stars

    Our cousin Cathy’s favorite beer is actually Victory at Sea, and her choice was Nitro for the added creaminess. As she put it, “I like my Victory in shorts and flip flops…I don’t need all that fancy stuff.”

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